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  1. Yeah, they are. The new "Knights of the Old Republic" box set has both games, with both having been adapted for Windows 7.
  2. Trying to install "Brotherhood of Shadow: Solomon's Revenge" for KOTOR 1. It keeps saying

    "WARNING! Cannot locate the INI file "Changes.ini" with work instructions!" even though the file is there in the patch data.

    Then directly after that, it says "Unable to load the instructions text! Make sure the "tslpatchdata" folder containing the "info.rtf" file is located in the same folder as this application" even though it already is.

    What the hell is going on? What exactly is it that I need to "un-zip" to get it to run?

  3. As a noob to these forums, I only have one question -- how will this run with future versions of KOTOR II? They released a version that's supposedly compatible with Windows 7. As well as the Steam version. Will there be any difference between using the mod on the new version, or the digital version? Or should I hunt down a copy of the original disks?
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