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    Fanatic of Monkey Island, Psychonauts, Tomb Raider, Megamind, Rise of the Guardians, and Black Butler! Currently trapped in a profession I have no interest in.
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    Blood Island
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    Monkey Island (duh), flash animation, drawing, piano, artistic challenges, and dressing like a pirate arrrr!
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    Monkey tamer and thrill seeker.
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    Brutal Legend
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    Google Chrome
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    Monkey Island series in general
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  1. This app doesn't happen to be Pixlr does it? McCoy! I gave you a cue somewhere to continue the tale of misfortune that was you visiting the land of the Brits Zoom... Pffffttt banned your furry rabbit @ss. (That's me scoffing, not saying I banned your furry rabbit derriere)
  2. I'll be honest, I think I've only ever seen mimartin moderating these parts while I was still a newb Well mimartin and Huz (he's a moderator too I think?)
  3. I got a guitar! Looks like this: Don't know how to play it yet though lol
  4. What did I do to him? Prepare yourself, my friends, for a tale! A tale of adventure amongst the labyrinthine streets of South Briton as two companions find themselves in the midst of a plan most foul, leading them to wade through the rain-drenched streets in search of provision and shelter! Tis a tale of woe, of authorities and of burgers dubbing us their kings! ...Your turn McCoy! PS: Did not know a grumpy cat plushie existed till now!
  5. ...Dafuq did I just walk in on? O.o
  6. I still like my interpretation better
  7. It's just going through a slow phase, it'll pick up again
  8. Twas the magic of two destinies intertwined! Of one unlikely foetus and a forum, a community brought together by the wonder that is la Isla de la Singe!
  9. That..... did not make much sense to me. But there was an original gif different from ?
  10. While y'all been having your quaint little discussions here, McCoy and I have been partaying in the real world! Sort of
  11. Where would one find the opportune moment to post a gif of spinning braces?
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