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    Fanatic of Monkey Island, Psychonauts, Tomb Raider, Megamind, Rise of the Guardians, and Black Butler! Currently trapped in a profession I have no interest in.
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    Monkey Island (duh), flash animation, drawing, piano, artistic challenges, and dressing like a pirate arrrr!
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    Monkey tamer and thrill seeker.
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    Monkey Island series in general
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  1. Holy **** me too! What are the odds? Btw I would never have DREAMED that newsletter was sent out by a teenager the same age as me at the time - in my head it was written by a guy at least ten years older than me (Mind. Blown.) so kudos to you and your writing skills! That I did! I've got a few more issues in the recesses of my email if anyone's interested *sifts through mailbox* (Then again, Gabez probably has them too )
  2. Blast from the past anyone? Was looking through some old emails and getting a good laugh! Sigh, those were the days! Does Gabez still do this stuff?
  3. Artisa

    EMI PS2 -> Windows

    :rofl: That was really fast btw.
  4. Artisa

    EMI PS2 -> Windows

    Wow it's still down, huh? :/
  5. Artisa

    EMI PS2 -> Windows

    That would be a good explanation. Oh sorry, I must've misinterpreted that "I don't get paid so please donate" sign on the Quick n Easy site! But on the rare occasion that I'm actually talking to the brain behind those programs, I'd like to take this opportunity to personally thank you for all the neato stuff you've made over the years!
  6. Artisa

    EMI PS2 -> Windows

    Do you guys even get paid?
  7. LOOOOL I know right? It's OVERUSED!! I've gotten sick of seeing it everywhere But MI's still on the brain and I was like omg, that part would be PERFECT :lol: Glad someone got it!
  8. Heyo! I might be spamming here, sorry, but I've decided to randomly dump all my MI fan creations (over the past year) here in chronological order in an attempt to share it with other MI fans, that seem to have all disappeared somewhere. For now... First one contains spoilers for Tales: (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.) This one is really bad, sorry, but if you insist on watching it and happen to live in Germany, Hola.org helps (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.) I like how this one turned out! (This BBCode requi
  9. Awesome job! Made me feel all nostalgic
  10. Haha way to go Disney! I hoped they wouldn't let us down when they took LucasArts, now I'm even more hopeful for more Monkey Island installments in the future! Btw, that part of the E3 gave me much LOL time
  11. Oh good lord :rofl::lol::rofl::lol::rofl:


    THANK YOU!!! :giggle1: :giggle1: :giggle1:

  12. I know, I don't really use Twitter all that much lol
  13. I was JUST gonna ask what happened to it! Don't scare me like that again
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