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  1. This app doesn't happen to be Pixlr does it? McCoy! I gave you a cue somewhere to continue the tale of misfortune that was you visiting the land of the Brits Zoom... Pffffttt banned your furry rabbit @ss. (That's me scoffing, not saying I banned your furry rabbit derriere)
  2. I'll be honest, I think I've only ever seen mimartin moderating these parts while I was still a newb Well mimartin and Huz (he's a moderator too I think?)
  3. I got a guitar! Looks like this: Don't know how to play it yet though lol
  4. What did I do to him? Prepare yourself, my friends, for a tale! A tale of adventure amongst the labyrinthine streets of South Briton as two companions find themselves in the midst of a plan most foul, leading them to wade through the rain-drenched streets in search of provision and shelter! Tis a tale of woe, of authorities and of burgers dubbing us their kings! ...Your turn McCoy! PS: Did not know a grumpy cat plushie existed till now!
  5. ...Dafuq did I just walk in on? O.o
  6. I still like my interpretation better
  7. It's just going through a slow phase, it'll pick up again
  8. Twas the magic of two destinies intertwined! Of one unlikely foetus and a forum, a community brought together by the wonder that is la Isla de la Singe!
  9. That..... did not make much sense to me. But there was an original gif different from ?
  10. While y'all been having your quaint little discussions here, McCoy and I have been partaying in the real world! Sort of
  11. Where would one find the opportune moment to post a gif of spinning braces?
  12. You've got a job! And that's something worth celebrating! So I shall take that beer! *secretly pours it into the plant when no one's looking* And perhaps not rock salt but you were close, salt baths actually do the trick! Table salt though
  13. That idea strangely appeals to me lol, a digital me spreading my awesomeness across the internet, one fan site a time!
  14. You just made that up! 1993? That doesn't sound right lol
  15. ^ Is high on something and it ain't life. < Incidentally happens to own a Commodore 64 v Balalalala
  16. ^ As long as future me didn't get a sex change operation I'm good #predestination < Likes to keep you guessing v Parlay?
  17. Sounds too good to be true, don't it Skinkie? But that's what I saw I tell ye! Don't listen to them Jason, the refreshments here are heavenly! Dude111 what up! That is unfortunate, again, remembering my stupid little kitten that has forever traumatically deterred me from ever owning a cat again. S'up everybody! Sorry I haven't been here for a while, I actually came back to the UK last month and then within a week of coming back got a nasty abscess that ultimately needed surgery and now I've got this annoying wound that has to be stuffed and dressed everyday, bah humbug. Anyhoo, a bit put off to see that there's been hardly any action on this forum while I've been away Where's everyone at again?
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