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  1. My thoughts exactly... that was creepy. Anyway, as for the first story.... no comments.
  2. I don't play very often, but when I do play, I play IP. Although I agree Lucasarts should have its own multiplayer server, but that will com ewith time, don't worry, it took ES 4 games (2 plus x-packs) to get theirs, LA will do it at some point.
  3. MASTA! I thought you were dead! J/k. Great to see you again... Anyway, I appreciate it, but I'm in Mexico City , so to go to Arizona it's like 15 hours by car, which I find a little difficult. Anyway, I'll take it into consideration, thanks again. Sherack, thanks for posting that, actually, that was one of the factors that led me to decide to buy the 256 card.
  4. Artoo, first of all, congrats Secondly, how's the card? Is the fan too loud? Hehehe, sorry, the thing is I want to build a comp as I said in a nother thread and I don't know if the card is worth the price, but if you tell me it isn't too loud and it works ok, then I'll have made up my mind. BTW, how much did all that cost?
  5. Hi again Jed, I've also been reading soem reviews and checking prices, and now I really do think we both should go for the XT. If those extra $100 aren't a problem for you, you'll get double de memory of the regular PRO version, and a card that doesn't heat up like the 256 PRO. At the same $500, I think it's worth it, even more if you want to keep it for a long time before updating.
  6. Thanks for those links Praetorian, they are very useful, now I only have to decide...
  7. Hi Jed, no, not the XT one, I believe that's much more expensive... I still don't know where I'm getting it, since I live in Mexico, and these good video cards are hard to get here. All my budget is based on on-line stores, so you might want to check Amazon, for example. EDIT: I'm reading that the 256 MB PRO edition is almost out of the market... and was reading a couple reviews about the XT version, the question is, how loud is the card? Is it just normal loud, or disturbingly loud? Reviews here: http://www.nordichardware.com/reviews/graphiccard/2003/Radeon9800XT/index.php http://www.sharkyextreme.com/hardware/videocards/article.php/3211_3086361__1 Please answer if you know about it.
  8. I've tried similar things, but unless you know how to script AI, you'll never be able to achieve it. I never did.
  9. Well, it's great to know at least that. Hope it's not delayed too long... well guys, we'll probably have the game around Epidode 3's release date.
  10. Yeah.... I posted before I knew about Gaber, it's gonna be a loooooong time.
  11. Hey people, I'm planning on building a new computer. I have every part picked out except for the video card, I'm sure I want to go with an ATI 9800 Pro but I'm not sure if the 256 MB version is worth the extra $100. Any help or advice you could give me?
  12. Man.. this is bad news. I mean, without talking about the game, I feel bad because Mr. Gaber was a man that took time to come here, tell us things about the game, and was always in contact with our community. Then again, if he left for something better, O'm glad for him, and wish him well, wherever he goes, and whatever he does. I don't think the game will come out or continue in development..... at least not for the moment.
  13. I don't think it's time yet.... maybe in a week or two?
  14. You know, I think everyone in this particular Forum (Off-Topic) have something of a Coffee Klatch.... Do we have Royals in here? Maybe. Who knows?
  15. Absolutely great link Rhett. Haven't read it completely, but so far.. I'm the Philosopher. EDIT: After reading the whole thing I must say I have something of the Kung-Fu Master. Anyway this is very funny... most of you will agree with me that at some point in your forummer life you were one of the annoying characters...
  16. I know one thing for sure... that guy is definitely not me.
  17. He said in another thread he is only reffering to this project as SWGB2, cause we all do... not necessarily because that's the name.
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