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  1. Thanks for the quick responses thus far I appreciate it!
  2. Just a quick question... I was wondering if anyone knew diffinitively if there is a difference in the UK and the US version relating to gore / dismemberment? I have a gentleman at my store who assures me that the UK version is more toned down then the US version. He claims that he can not decapitate anyone (with the UK version). Now I have and have played the US (collectors) edition and have not been able to cut anyones head off either. Arms, legs, a hand here and there. Heck I even cut a droid in half, but never a head. I did not think that there was any difference between these two versions, but if I am wrong I would certianly like to know about it. My understanding (of both versions) are that the game JK II uses the Ghoul II engine from Raven, but that since its Star Wars its not overly gory (like SoF was) and that these events where you seperate someone from their arm or something is a random event and not something that you can decide before hand if it will happen or if it wont. I understand that there is a hack where you can jump into the pak file and edit it to enable to full blown Ghoul II engine, but that if you do that, you wont be able to play online (pure server) because the server will identify the hacked client and refuse a connection. Because of that you would have to have a backup of the unmodified pak file and swap back and forth when your playing alone or online. So, if I can get some feedback that would be great. Thanks!
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