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  1. How does one extract a .git file? All I see in the modules folder are .rim files
  2. *sigh* No, no. Thanks for trying though.
  3. I don't know any good sites for adding files so someone can download it later, but if someone else does do not hesitate to tell us about it. If not a chance to find a website where you can upload the files, maybe we can do it via email? I'd appreciate it.
  4. It seems that there are no .utc files with the dark jedi names (I have looked in the "gameinprogress" folder), and sadly I do not have any save files BEFORE loading the bridge map... Well.. I actually have a save on a different map, but it's after I thought about going back, make a save file then try to go back to that bridge place (didn't work). Is it possible for someone who is in the bridge to send the .utc files so that someone can use them, or is that impossible?
  5. I have to say that I do use mods, but none of them doing a major change to the gameplay or anything. Most of them skins and overhauls so it can enhance the quality of the game a bit, but I do also use some mods that are supposed to enhance the dialogues (like the tatooine Bastilla cut conversation). I have tried to re-install the game to see if that might fix the problem, but it did not. Could it be that she saves that I have (right before I go through the bridge entrance door) might cause the problem to continue?
  6. Ehm... I said that I will wait with patience, but I have to say that it is still limited though. Well, for this to not be a mere shameful selfbump, I shall give additional information: I do believe that Karath is accompanied by 2 other dark jedi, right? Well, in my game they have somehow disapeared.
  7. Hello there! I have decided to play KoTOR again and, of course, I have encountered certain annoying bugs along the way. Luckily, I have managed to find the fix for them via the internet (duh). After passing all of those bugs, I was saying to myself "There's definitely no way to encounter anything that bad." After a while, when I got captured by Saul Karath's ship, managed to break my way out and finally managed to kill him, I have finally learned the meaning of "never say never". The victory against Karath was short lived, after I have noticed that I am unable to start the conversational cutscene, a conversation which was supposed to be a shocking revelation to all of first time players. I also have noticed that I am stuck in the bridge, since the door is supposed to be locked until the conversation has ended, and to make things worse: there are INCREDIBLY few reports about this bug, resulting with no fixes (or a fix where it will have to sacrifice the conversation, but let the door get unlocked). I really hope that now someone will enlighten the few of us who have experienced, or are experiencing, this bug and bless us with a fix for this problem, or at least guide us to fix it ourselves. I'll be waiting for your answers... with patience. P.S. I know you love my post~
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