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  1. So, I did take my Sentinel up to 50 as F2P without doing any FPs and only half of one warzone. I was even (and falling) with the leveling curve at level 39, and the double XP weekend saved my bum. I really, really, don't recommend going straight F2P. Preferred is only 5 bucks and saves so much time with things like cargo hold, gen chat, and the extra crew skill. It is possible, and you probably will hit a double XP weekend given their frequency, but it takes away from the fun of the game to have to grind through so much. If you enjoy the game at all, the 5 bucks is definitely worth it.
  2. I haven't done much with gifts personally, I've been hoarding credits like a Hutt trying to get some account wide unlocks. In general, it's always a better idea to use the GTN than vendors since (most) people know not to sell items above the vendor's prices. I totally agree about Doc, I think he's the most annoying companion for the Knight, but he's much better than Kira for boss fights (and just in general, really). Even then, I didn't start using him until I maxed Kira's affection.
  3. Gurges-Ahter, my experience with him was the same, he dies really fast and his heal ability isn't really worth it. Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) If all you are interested in his story line, you might be better off just loading up on gifts and not using him as a companion. This is especially true if you're playing light side, as I was. He and Rusk (who is completely worthless in my opinion) are the only ones who like DS choices. And even if you are playing DS, there probably aren't enough opportunities left to max out his affection without using gifts anyway.
  4. I bought 450 Cartel Coins today so I could be preferred, but after about 15 minutes my account is still Free-to-Play. Is this normal? How long should I expect to wait? (The Cartel Coins are already showing in game) Edit: So I called tech support expecting it to be legendarily bad, and it actually wasn't terrible. The wait was only about five minutes, and they guy I talked to was foreign, but mostly comprehensible. He said it was a known issue, snyced up my account, and I was done in about 15 minutes total.
  5. Honestly though, I just played my first non-Kuat FP and noobed it up so badly, I wouldn't want to play with me.
  6. Yes, I am using Group Finder, sorry I didn't make it clear.
  7. How long should I expect it to be? I'm a LVL 50 sentinel, so obviously I'm DPS, and the only Flashpoint I've found groups for after several hours so far is Kuat Drives. I don't mind it, but I would like to run some others. Is this normal to have to wait this long for a DPS class? I'm queued for just about everything except Hard Mode FP's since I'm a new 50. Note: I'm on the Begeren Colony server (Which seems to be one of the most populated servers in the game).
  8. Sorry, but I really don't really know what to tell you. That game has been buggy as heck for me on Windows 7, and I never could get FoC multiplayer to work either. Have you tried just EAW online? Because that works for me.
  9. Maybe it was the wide eyed first-ever-MMORPG-map effect, but I loved Tython. It feels really big, but it isn't so big that I couldn't keep reasonable track of all the locations when I was first there. I also am a much bigger fan of the maps that you can run to any location, even though the taxis are faster, than the ones you can't (like Shadda, Coruscant, Corellia, etc.)
  10. Thanks for the replies, I'll probably try a few flashpoints, just to see what its like. But it sounds like I'm probably best off starting up an alt and enjoying another story arc.
  11. After double Xp weekend I'm at 49 and heading for Corellia, and I have started to think about what to do after I finish the story. Should I just start an alt and just use my 50 to feed stuff down to it? Or is there fun stuff to do at 50 (outside of PVP, I've never been a fan of PVP in MMORPGs)? And how much communication is required for completing Flashpoints/ops? Can you just go in with random people, never say a word to each other, do your classes job, and leave?
  12. What exactly do you get by Dark Siding? I saw on some wikis that it is this item "[TEMP] Sel-Makor Reward" There was little explanation as to what it actually, you know, was. Does anyone know what this is, and whether it's worth it for a light side character?
  13. The SWTOR website has a complete list, but the major ones are: Reduced XP after level 20 No rested XP Credits capped at 350,000 (200,000 if not preferred) Can't equip purple (artifact) items Limited space missions (3 per week) and warzones (5 per week) Smaller inventory No cargo hold access 2 crew skills (1 if not preferred) Only 5 field med droids (field revivals) Longer cool down on quick travel No emergency fleet pass (You can buy one time use items) Get speeder piloting skills later Vendor prices increased There are others, but these are the main ones I have run into (currently level 38). Outside of vendor prices, rested xp, and the credits cap, all of these can be remedied by buying authorization/passes in the Cartel Market or on the GTN. The Xp boosts and space and warzone passes are temporary (obviously), but everything else is permanent. If you have purchased RoTHC you should be fine to play your level 52.
  14. Thanks for the advice! One more thing, I see slicing as generally being the recommended F2P crew skill, but I can't open the lockboxes you receive from the missions. Is it still worth it? Edit: Nevermind, I can open them now. Must have been some weird glitch.
  15. I am playing as a Jedi Sentinel (level 18 right now), and so far everything has been fine. I've played all the side quests, and soloed the Heroic 2s and Heroic 2+s and just skipped the heroic 4+ (at least untill I'm about 10 levels above them). I have been able to stay on or ahead of the leveling curve so far, but I'm wondering if their will be a point when I am either going to have to pay for stuff, or team up with other people? I'm find grinding some XP doing heroics, but I don't want to have to grind, like, two levels of XP at a time. Any advice would be appreciated!
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