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  1. I know in Return to Castle Wolfesntein you can create screenshots (which can be a lot of fun)...and since rtcw is a quake engine and so is JO.....shouldn't there be a screenshot button...and if so, which one??
  2. Hi Navaros My name is Katey and I'm 22 years old....my passion is ballet and music and I was first introduced to computer games when a friend of mine bought me Return to Castle Wolfenstein and I became hooked on it....I decided to give Jedi Knight 2 a try. You mentioned about pixel-hunting...I'm no computer genius and I really dont attend cmoic book conventions and stuff but I have to admit..I had no problem finding these "puzzles" ....I kinda looked at the monitors and realized that there's gotta be a reason why I'm seeing a pipe being extended and such....also, i knew that the room when you go in the pipe could be dangerous cause u see that driod sparking when the room went red. I saw the red cylinders..noticed one was cracked and proceeded to shoot all 4 of them before the room went hot. I never looked for help or hints...I just looked at the monitors and saw the hints. It seems like you are a die hard star wars fan fantasizing about this game for years and you had impossible expectations for it....I don't know....I like the game (multi sucks compared to Return to Castle Wolfenstein) and I find it fun and neat...but what do I know??? I'm a girl
  3. Is it just me or does it seems as if it takes a very long time to get to the forums? I have a cable modem and a 1.5 ghz pentium IV and this is my first post cause I lucked out to get to the forums ok. Last night, after about 15 minutes of page loading, I gave up....http://www.jediknightii.net is the same way. Has anyone else been having these problems or is it just me?
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