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  1. So Kreia and the Exile had been on the Ebon Hawk together, no?
  2. This website - http://www.pazaak.org/guide#rules - says each player should have a 40 card main deck plus a 10 card side deck. To have enough cards for two players I would only have to buy one deck from TGC? There it says the deck has 93 cards. Can you please give a detailed breakdown of exactly what cards are in the package? The backs of the cards will be grey? Also, how much do mats cost, and could there be two in every package, without names? What does the 1 +/- 2 yellow card do? I don't remember that from the games. Shouldn't it be 1 & 2? It's on the third row of your Photobucket page. Never mind, I found the answer here: http://www.pazaak.org/manual Any idea how much it costs to ship to Canada?
  3. "This place was built for an era of the Internet that is no longer sustainable, unfortunately..." Can you explain what you mean by that? I only read the first page and this one, so if the answer was in between, tell me so I can read the middle pages too.
  4. Do the bonuses of the Conditioning feat apply only to the Will, Fortitude and Reflex stats or to blaster deflection rolls as well? I've also seen it said in a guide that bonuses to Attack Rating give a bonus to blaster deflection as well. Is this true, and does anyone know the specifics?
  5. I have 98 Influence with him, and I'm pretty sure I've covered everything. I will try again tomorrow. Does it matter if Kreia is no longer with me? She still was when I talked to Hanharr last time, but now she's gone. I cheated it last time like that, as I read in a guide. I remember it working. I will check that too. I don't know if you read this in my last thread (the one about disabling life replenishment), but thank you and your team very much for your work on the Restored Content Mod. I am involved in Medieval 2 Total War modding, and I know how much effort is required.
  6. I was afraid of that. I found this in another guide, is this correct? --------------------------------------- +1 WIS - T3's final upgrade +1 CON, +1 WIS - Hanharr's upgrades +2 STR, +1 CON - Kreia's post-Hanharr upgrades ---------------------------------------- HK's bonus is missing from that, and although I did what I think is The Lesson Of Strength, I didn't get any bonus from it, nor did Hanharr get +2 STR and -2 INT the way the guide said. Also, Kreia is not completing The Lesson Of Skills, even though I've leveled up and put on gear that gave bonuses to what I had said was my weak area. The stat upgrades are what, in the end? T3 - 1 WIS HK - 1 CON, 1 WIS Hanharr - 1 CON, 1 WIS We will have to tell Achilles his guide is wrong.
  7. I already did that part, but I still don't have 18 CON. This is what the Influence guide says: --------------------- HK-47 Rewards +1 to Reflex, +1 to Wisdom, +1 to Constitution, +10 Force Point, and 1000 XP for the first lesson in killing Jedi. +1 to Reflex, +1 to Wisdom, +1 to Constitution, +10 Force Point, and 1000 XP for the second lesson in killing Jedi. --------------------- I've only gotten those [You use these techniques...] and [HK-47 has given you a greater understanding...] messages once, so I've only gotten 1 to Reflex, WIS, and CON.
  8. Can you give me any hints on how to get the second lesson? Or do I have to wait for something to happen? Does it become available after a certain event? And the second lesson also gives 1 CON, 1 WIS and exp? I really need the second CON point the Influence guide said I would get since I budgeted my points to reach 18 with the bonuses so I could use the top implants, and I need to use the top implant so I can get big Comp and Repair bonuses so I can get the WIS bonus from T3.
  9. Can anyone confirm that there are actually two lessons about killing Jedi? I did the first one, and he went on to say "First of all, if you want to do that, please let me kill them for you instead", and went on and on about not using a blaster, and using overwhelming force, and not over-planning and attacking their allies and about how Revan pitied you. I got the bonuses from that. I asked about how to kill Sith, and he told me to undermine Sion's beliefs, but I didn't get any bonuses. Can anyone tell me how to unlock the second lesson? What does the dialogue sound like? How does it start, so I know what to look for? Or do I have to sit through the whole first lesson one more time? I've already done that a few times but I didn't get any more bonuses. I have 100 Influence with HK. I've searched far and wide on the internet trying to solve this problem, and I saw a screenshot from a Let's Play in which the player character has the option to ask "How do you kill Jedi? I need to know so I can protect myself", while in my game you only ask "How would I go about killing Jedi?". However, I suspect the difference is that my character is Dark Side while the one in the Let's Play was Light Side.
  10. http://www.starwarsknights.com/influence.php
  11. Get an AMD chip, because it doesn't heat up at all. I've had one for 8 years and I haven't had problems. AMD has the same performance as Intel but at a lower price.
  12. I got K1 new, K2 used and Jedi Academy new from Amazon for 58 dollars in total. Shipping charges were about a quarter of the price.
  13. I would like to divide my time between Dantooine and Rakata. I liked the hills and plains of Dantooine, and I also liked the tropical island setting of Rakata. Tatooine is a horrible desert, Manaan is just water, Taris is a hellhole, Kashyyyk is very dangerous, although it would be nice to visit and spend some time in the treehouses, and Korriban is evil (but the Valley Of Dark Lords was very nice).
  14. You can still damage lightsaber-wielding opponents if you use a disruptor-type weapon, as they can't block the damage the way they can blaster bolts. That's why the best rifle is probably the Charric (I recognize what the OP is talking about, but I don't quite remember the name exactly). Mandalorian Disruptor pistols are the best pistols.
  15. Thanks for the help, everyone. I finished the game, and it was great. Thank you and your team for the wonderful work you did with the Restored Content Mod, Hassat.
  16. What do you mean by "hides"? And which upgrades are you talking about? The gear ones or the skill ones?
  17. Hello. I just finished playing Knights Of The Old Republic and I started The Sith Lords. I saw that, among other changes, life now replenishes for characters. I really don't like this feature, as it makes Force Heal and medipacks pretty useless. Is there a way to turn it off? I remember that Canderous' life was replenishing in K1, but only once, towards the end of the game. I looked at his gear but I couldn't find anything that gave that modifier. Thank you.
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