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  1. Does somebody know, which way i can make the Monkey Island 2 Soundtrack working, to sound exactly like this one from Soundtrack Island Mix n Mojo and i'm not sure if that's just True Roland or something. Maybe someone helps me! I think it should be possible with ScummVM (because i only want it this way) ? Best opinions i know are Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth [Windows MIDI] , Roland MT-32 (ROMS) and Shan's Soundfont SGM-V2.01, that i've tested positively. Are there any other good SoundFonts especially for Monkey Island 2, i don't have the time, or knowledge to change something like the Thunder Sounds in SGM-V2.01 for Monkey Island 2 and this i've noticed among others. I also tried Weeds GM-V3.0, SGM-180 V1.5, RealFont 2.1, CrisisGeneralMidi1.8, and 8MBGM ENHANCED v1.8 (but i think nothing's the perfect match for it) !
  2. Search for Monkey Island 1 & 2 Ultimate Talkie Edition and i wrote in another Thread about OGG in MI2 about this, take a look, have fun.
  3. Hey Guys! Why don't you check and try out the Monkey Island Ultimate Talkie Edition 1 & 2, you only need the Monkey Island Special Editions to build it, it also works with Steam. For the MI 1 SE i'll recommend you the Hair Patch by Ailbrush and the No-Cd Patch (to play the DVD Bundle without a Disc all the time) . If you need some help, or got some questions, just ask me for it and by the way i forgot to inform...For better Sound in ScummVM Games, activate Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth [Windows MIDI] , or get the Roland MT-32 ROMS for it and otherwise you could easy use SoundFonts within like Shan's Soundfont SGM-V2.01 (don't forget to configure all Audio Options correctly) . Have Fun!
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