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  1. Cool and will do thanks

  2. looks good, like it quite a lot, but not sure if just me or camera angle but the chest looks a little to high so you see to much of the spine but just my opinion
  3. Sure that is no problem. Just throw credit it in with your mod. Thanks!

  4. yeah, you just use the look file and I can take a version and copy it in. That's fine
  5. I myself can't do very good "creature" modeling and texturing but would like this to use in my combined galaxy to, if that's alright with you sith holocron as it's your idea. If so anyone who is willing to create it can I have permission to use it to. Thanks
  6. thanks, and the only person who would need all reference and voice changes would be surrounding Carth to Juno, Voice actors I know a view friends who will so I can account that way. But for now my focus is the tsl expansion rather than the combined galaxy mod
  7. Uthar's Saber(top) and Dak Vesser's Saber (bottom)
  8. Do you want this just as a skin or as a new model? Also is it to replace HK-47 or the HK-50 bounty hunters
  9. Haha Jedi's secret and thanks any suggestions for improving them
  10. Hi, I'm starting work on these mods http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=215330 and I had noticed you did a Yuthura to Darth Talon. I was wondering whether I could use the models for this mod? Thanks

  11. Final versions of the generic sabers: Normal(left), double(middle), short(Right). I'm gonna make a new saber for each yuthura, uthar, Dak Vesser, Galon Lor, Lashowe, Shaardan, Thana Vesh, Sion, Malak, Nihilus, Satele, Bastila, Relkan, Darth Tur'lds and the 3 sith at the end
  12. That's the plan, I'm working on the first part then uploading it. here are my current lightsabers I'm working on models for the "combined galaxy" if anyone has any models or could model one it would be appreciated.
  13. the 3 lightsaber models have been made but need implementing.
  14. The first thing I'm after for this mod are character replacement models for kotor and saber hilt models. As I'm not a good modeller or texturer.
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