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  1. Thanks very much! Still can't believe that Tim Schafer has seen my posters now. If anyone's looking for prints, I've got a deal on for free international shipping on all unframed prints at my Society6 Store. Just use the following link: http://bit.ly/1GjMDkP Thanks, guys & gals.
  2. MeddlingMonk: Yep, I'm resizing the posters at the moment to enter them into the competition. Just having Tim Schafer see these would make my year. ramiz: Don't worry about it, man. I'll always make them free for people who want to print them out, the print store is just for folk who want to pay for a fancier presentation.
  3. Of course! I'd be honoured to feature in the new gallery, thanks! If there's space for a link to my shop that would be amazing. I'm also considering doing locations from some other slightly more obscure games in the future.
  4. Hi guys, Just thought I'd drop a note in this thread to say that these posters are now available to buy as high-quality framed/unframed art prints and canvases at my Society6 store here. I'll keep the dropbox link up for those people who want to print these out yourselves, but if you have a hankering for them in bigger and better quality then check out the store. ...That is if you haven't spent all your money on GF: Remastered already. Cheers, David
  5. Hi guys, Sorry for the radio silence, the forums seem to have been inaccessible to me for a while. As CHAOSMAN pointed out there's a new dropbox link there. Enjoy.
  6. Hey Sallim, thanks for posting those images, hope you enjoy them.
  7. Hey ramiz, Those look great! I'm really pleased they turned out alright for you, thanks for putting up the photos. Best of luck with the rest of the renovation and kudos for creating another Grim Fandango convert!
  8. Fantastic, I'd love to see some photos if anyone has them printed out.
  9. Hi folks, Sorry it's taken me a while to get back here to reply. Thanks for all your appreciation of the posters. I don't have any plans to sell these as prints, primarily for copyright reasons, but there are .pdf versions available to download here (https://www.dropbox.com/s/m59fjdda3e9ke9a/Grim%20Travel%20Posters.rar?dl=0) if you have the facilities to do it yourselves. Shad_, feel free to use the posters in your project, best of luck with it. Cheers, David
  10. Hi, *EDIT* Whoops, this should have gone in The Blue Casket, apologies. Could a mod help me out here? *EDIT* I've been working on these for a while now (since before the announcement of the remastering) and thought you guys might like to check them out now they're done. It's a series of faux vintage travel posters inspired by a few of the locations in the game. Enjoy. David (http://www.dmackenzie.com)
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