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  1. Yeah , i couldn't even trigger it. I noticed it in KSE's quest tab. Shouldn't it be fixed in TSLRCM ?
  2. I have played LS Koto2:TSL with latest TSLRCM patch installed along with M478 mod. I just can't seem to complete "<PlayerName> and the Force" quest. This is what i got from global.jrl file regarding this quest <Table1> <index>136321</index> <Text>After the Mandalorian Wars, you lost your connection to the Force. Kreia hinted that the Jedi Council may have had something to do with your loss - if so, they may be able to restore it. Or at least, you can get your revenge on them. </Text> It is tagged "PcForce" Can anyone me what is needed to done to finish this quest ?
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