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  1. its not more or less laggy than regular sabers. the color of the saber is retreived exactly the same way as model informations. so it means its sent only everytime a client changes his informations ( model, team, etc...). and for the drawing code, it only add one sprite per frame which is really nothing... so it doesn't affect FPS or ping at all.
  2. hiya everyone. As Azymn said, ive done more than my old rgb sabers. you can see here a few screenshots and vids : http://mbalch.free.fr/jk3/ here are the features of this small mod : -rgb blades -black saber ( with black trails) -multicolor sabers ( watch the pimp videos.) -scripted saber. the later allows you to control which are the colors your saber will go through, the order, and the transition time between each color. ill make a small vid if you like. the script system is simple and efficient, it works this way : tck_script1 ( or 2 for second blade, and the cvar names are temporary, asuming it gets included in ojp, maybe it will be better to call them OJP_script1 etc..) so : tck_script1 :R1,G1,B1:T1:R2,G2,B2:T2:.....:R10:G10:B10:T10: you can have up to 10 colors. but there is no min limit. I also made the menus, and the cvars for the definition of the saber are like this : tck_saber1 R,G,B the ui cvars which are used for sliders and stuff are disociated. anyway, NickR, try to hang out on #jkacoding on quakenet so we can talk about it. (just click on my sig =) ) btw if they re any serious testers interested, i ll give out the mod, so it can be extensively tested. btw2, i won't release it as a stand alone mod. ill try to make a small vid of a scripted saber and ill upload it soon. cya. Edit : i uploaded a scripted sabers video. the script used was red to blue with 1 sec between color change. like this : tck_script1 :255,0,0:1000:0,0,255:1000:
  3. the peace brigade are bounty hunters and mercenaries which turned to the yuuzhan vongs. their goal is to kill or capture all the jedis of the galaxy resoources : http://www.unjoh.com <= currently down http://www.njoe.com
  4. i agree with you chrono_mot. I don't really understand why kman acts like this. In my opinion the modeling forum is really badly moderated.... if someone posts a modeling related thread but which is not a wip it just gets locked ! that's stupid. some examples : someone posted a link to a yoda modeling tutorial, and it got locked ! someone asked how to change the heads of the models , locked! well i think kman should change his behaviour or maybe he is not a good moderator ...... what do you think ? by the way chrono_mot which forum are you talking about ? pm me the url please .
  5. ok the post have been deleted thx for spoilers use :
  6. Hey, Dude Where is my car ? it's the BEST movie ever
  7. you will have to wait a little for the yoda model now but hen it will be out you will have it in the proper size whth this mod ! This is a new version of my mod . it features all the previous options : -saber colr with rgb parameters -extended blade feature (slower when the blade is extended..) -second color for the double bladed saber or when the blade is extended. -bots may have double bladed and extended sabers.(with custom colors too) AND the model scaling. The server has a file tckmodel.cfg and must configure it allow model scaling. (a few examples are provided) The LIMITS are 0.5 of the size to 1.5 ! Installation : extract the zip in the GAMEDATA folder. Execution : run the start.bat provided in the GameData\tck directory or create a shortcup to jk2mp.exe and add these parameters +set fs_game tck +set vm_game 0 don't forget the vm_game 0. For CODERS : the mod is open source and i'd be glad if someone can continue the mod during the summer (fix bugs if they are any...) I won't be able to code during two months and i wanted to have the mod functional before leaving. Current issue : the mod uses a dll instead of a qvm. I don't know why but the qvm have a messy code and the saber collision is screwed when the qvm is loaded (but the dll works fine !). If someone could fix it it would be great ! (i didn't have time to do it myself ) Well i hope you will like it ! I hope they are not too many bugs i'll try to come back to the forums sometime but Have a nice summer everyone ! DOWNLOAD : TCK MOD + SCALING MODELS SOURCE CODE May The Force Be With You ! PS : if someone could make a jawa model now that would kick 4$$ !
  8. dezip it in GAMEDATA dir here and small patch to dezip in tck dir patch
  9. here it is it s a mod ... curently jedi_trainer , shadow trooper and desann have a double bladed saber... iff you want more open the pk3 and the botfiles/bots.txt and add the line tck_doublesaber 1 to the bot you want to modify ... btw you can change the color of your lightsabrer goto setup and tck options ...
  10. i can define the color of my saber with the R G B parameters .... so it s a dark purple like anakin solo ... check out my mod in the EDITING forum ...it s called RGB sabers much better isn't it ?
  11. you re stupid of course not ! it was just easier for them to release this version of the code .... and they won 't have to release a new version of the sdk when the next patch will be out .....
  12. well could you PM it too me cause i created a dfa script too but i had to be swinging so.... btw i did a blue lung and medium finisher script if you want them ....
  13. no you can t cheat to change you side on the fly ..... you can change your binds and the configuration of the force powers but the effects won t show up until you respawn..... and byt he way you can add something to the script : open jk2mp.cfg and check the force powers settings seta forcepowers "6-1-330100000030000333" this is the list of all your forcepowers ..... so configure it for light side,quit the game and add in set light_side "seta forcepowers 6-1-330100000030000333;......." and do the same thing for dark side. so you don t have to configure you forcpowers eachtime you change side with the menu. the only problem is if the force mastery level changes you'll have to change your configs ....
  14. exactly but you might have to change the keys .... in this script, v = heal/drain c = absorb/grip x = protect/lightning capslock = heal_other/rage if you want for instance replace v by F do the folowing replace the two lines : set light_side "echo ^4LIGHT SIDE ;bind v force_heal;bind c force_absorb;bind x force_protect;bind capslock force_healother" set dark_side "echo ^1DARK SIDE ;bind v +force_drain;bind c +force_grip;bind x +force_lightning;bind capslock force_rage" by set light_side "echo ^4LIGHT SIDE ;[b]bind F force_heal[/b];bind c force_absorb;bind x force_protect;bind capslock force_healother" set dark_side "echo ^1DARK SIDE ;[b]bind F +force_drain [/b];bind c +force_grip;bind x +force_lightning;bind capslock force_rage"
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