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  1. The SP Unlocker is fixed!




  2. I know the thread is very old but here is a example how it looks in JKA It is the script from the first level, the tutorial. Set the Numbers to "3" will give the ability to start the game with all powers on max. The scripts for the camapign of JKA are tut_start.IBI, give_neutral_level2.IBI, give_neutral_level3.IBI and player_setup.IBI And the objectives for missions will added soon, as i found some hints about it!
  3. Today i've tested most of my compilation mods in multiplayer but I only want to say.... It was a very funny investigation to see these many hints from the best and ugliest youtube noobs of this world! XD Everyone of these people was a liar. And i love the available versions on Steam and GOG. They fixed nothing! XD Especially the resolutions. Which is the biggest joke on the platforms/clients with all re-released versions of Star Wars games. 1st, you can play the Singleplayer with a fixed executable 2nd, the Multiplayer part runs perfectly with many of the available fixed execuatables on "Windows XP" 3rd, the "Error: CL_ParsePacketEntities: end of message" is a failure of "Windows 7" 4th, you only need "WinCDEmu" and an "mini-image" of the game (not a cookie)
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