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  1. It was on Filefront and Filefront recently shut off almost completely the only way would be searching manually on gamefront.com if you're not from the blocked countries. if you are from one of the blocked countries,tough luck,you better have the rar somewhere. "not supported,they say,censorship i say"
  2. hi guys i wanted to ask if it's possible to tweak the force powers so that it removes cooldown and you can use abilities whenever you want for example you can see Kyle being able to force push for 20 times in a row if you place a proximity mine near him but you can't force push more than once for 4-5 seconds it would be satisfying to push back every concussion rifle shot there's a way to make your force push ingame strong enough to break through all npcs defenses?
  3. that's the title.i was always bothered that the Black Rakata turn on you if you visit the Rakatan elders before the black rakata and if you tell them about the temple after you helped them there's some way to make them not turn on you after you return from the temple if you're Dark Side ? because it was kinda stupid to make the black rakata turn on you because " they're evil" trope and you told them that the knownledge was in the computer and that they "Couldn't use it' i always admired the One and some of his followers and there was some obvious favoritism for the elders and there's some way to mod recruit the black rakata that wants to be trained in the force and make him a permanent party member that replaces either juhani or jolee for a dark sided Revan?
  4. it's not what i was looking for,but thanks anyway i was looking for a version of Revan's robes that specifically adds the cape and the belt to the vanilla version. not a reskin,but a 3d model edit this thread made the same request i did 5 years ago http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=198596 "Hoodless Revan's Robes" nobody did this mod before,that's why i'm looking for someone talented here that can help out
  5. thank you Darth Insidious for your help,but i already checked out Redhawke's site in search for bastila's robes,unfortunately i was unsuccessful. the Darth Revan Robes that i wanted don't exist i'm afraid there is only a hooded maskless version that has the annoying bug that makes the head clip through the hood,never fixed,unlike the cape clip. but what i want is the robes without hood or mask. the only sith uniform mod i've found is called 'Wearable sith uniforms pack' only that they override Darth Revan's robes. i was looking for a modder that could make the sith uniform use a new item slot and to remove the hood from Darth Revan's Robes. Deadly stream hasn't got that mod. EDIT:i checked out the site list and 90% of them were either offline or had unavailable downloads,10% had mods i knew about already
  6. Hi guys,i'm rather new to Lucasforums,but i've heard from the JediSheml that you could help me out with finding several mods:thmbup1: for KOTOR 1 i've been searching forever for the mod that adds very cool Dark Side Bastila robes seen in this video (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.) i can't find them anywhere,and my country is 'banned' from Filefront. i've been searching also for a mod that gives to the player Darth Revan's Robes that add the cape and the belt,but with the hood down like in the vanilla version and no mask it's that possible? or there's a mod that adds the sith uniforms that doesn't replace any robes? and that adds the sith master robes(the sith governor robes that has a special animation stance) not a body replacer.a separate item. thank you guys
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