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  1. Ah yes, the mighty 1.2 proven, battle-tested balance!...with a few exceptions. Honestly, I think its a bad idea to remove balance/mishap and my first set of suggestions will be to improve what is already here...though I suppose you could just replace MISHAPLEVEL_LIGHT and HEAVY with DODGE_LEVEL_LIGHT and HEAVY or whatever its called in the code and it would still work...Ok here's some suggestions: -add a second and perhaps third skill point level to all styles. Maybe level two adds their perks and level 3 adds damage or exaggerates the style perks or something...this will modernize the customization a bit with earnable action RPG like features. -All styles should get "Attacking a defender's saber while in a slow bounce causes a disarm" back because it just looks too cool to be rare. The only difference is with Makashi the slow bounces should happen at "below MISHAPLEVEL_LIGHT" so they happen more often but perhaps they shouldn't be able to be kicked over or force vulnerable until "below MISHAPLEVEL_HEAVY".. -Ataru's run hit damage should be scaled back to x2 (x2.5 at most if we tried a style leveling system as mentioned in the first suggestion) -Users who have more points AND full skill in the same saber style an attacker is using should be immune to that styles perks. -Parries of Soresu do slightly more balacne/mishap damage to attacker -If we keep the back hand attack, I'd like it to do a tiny bit of balance/mishap damage at any level and cause a stumble if the opponent is doing a fake in order to do a reposit. This will create a risky but effective way to break through a reposit spammer. -Mishap (if kept) renamed "Balance" and dodge renamed "Defense." Anyways, these suggestions include Mishap/balance in the format. If you have your heart set on removing it (eventhough it was your idea to begin with remember? lol) I'll start hypothesizing.
  2. Ok so I just played through the newest build on the list and I'm not really sure whats going on with it....Alot of features are missing or messed up and I'm not sure whats new or improved. Here's a list so far: -Reposits are gone as far as I can tell...why? That means several features are gone.. -Ledge hang is gone..even with jump 3 and acrobats added...huh? -force fall is gone... -speed is weird and super buggy unless flying across the map is intentional -lightning doesn't really work and was way cooler (though slightly overpowerd) in 1.2 -balance/mishap bar doesn't regenerate with parries and I'm not sure if it does anything anymore -kicks always result in a stumble or knockdown...spam city. -you can no longer move people with Grip 3 (or use them as a baseball bat with it which was too much fun before) -Tabbots will sometimes just stop swinging (probably because of low stats) and just stare at you until you kick them over. I get the feeling someone was trying to make them play defensively but this needs some tweaking bad. -Push and pull knockdown is a little confusing...unless you're suppose to target them which makes sense. -The screen sometimes starts shaking like an earthquake... -I didn't really test the gun system but the point stats UI is confusing and I'm not sure what Acrobatics is suppose to do.. Anyways, Yeah I could definitely use that updated change log so I can figure out whats going on with the new builds I'll also try to give some suggestions on saber stats on your other thread tomorrow if I have time.
  3. (As Moe) It's ok, Homah. Here, have beer on the house.
  4. OK, I didn't see any updated change logs but I'll check again when I have time. I'm not sure what you mean by "mishaps based on players fatigue" but I'm really hoping it doesn't mean force points because I thought we learned that lesson years ago on why that's a bad idea. Anyways, I've always thought that good defense in this mod should be learned and built up rather than being the focus of combat. There is alot more immediate visual gratification if a new player comes in who is naturally a good comboer but not as good yet at parrying. That speedly back and forth action is what makes our system so much cooler looking than MB2 system where they mostly just hover around eachother looking for an opening. Most of the vets who even still play often have 5 minute+ long duels with the aggressive combat style...I'm not even sure I want to know how long the duels would be with even greater defensive focus...
  5. I tried out 3 different builds a week ago and just have time to post now lol. There REALLY needs to be change logs with these I'll have to give the newer ones more of a review later because I forgot most of the things I noticed already lol. The only think I remember on the newer regular OJP build is that the player health/force/balance UI does not label what any of the meters mean so it would likely be even more confusing to new players than the 1.2 UIs. I like the fact that the balance meter was reversed but it should be labeled "balance." Oh yeah, and the Default balance/mishap auto regen should not be set to 0 by default because it makes it all about defense. The JKE merge with OJP was a fairly fun interesting change that is very unbalanced. Alot of fun OJP combat features are also missing because of the change but its not heard to figure out what they are. Anyways, my biggest issue with the JKE was that the easiest strategy for killing anything is just "parry to swing spam" combo which any seasoned OJP player could do in their sleep. Therefore, I'll be amazed if any player wants to swing period once they learn the system Also, because the users saber has to be hit in order to block or parry makes me worry about couch swing spam or lung spam. In order for this OJP/JKE combo to be a viable combat system that isn't all about staring eachother down defensively, these concerns will almost certainly have to be addressed. I might have a few ideas to fix this, but I'm not sure I want to spend too much time on something that isn't completely OJP...but I'll throw them out there if you want.
  6. It was great!!! Amazing!!! Spectacular!!!...Ok I wasn't there Does this mean you have a new build to play test? I'd like to check it out if so.
  7. Though I think the saberlock system is fine and balanced the way it is, that might be kind of interesting. Though if its going to be like modern games, it should only happen 50% or 60% of the time and the view should automatically switch to side view to give it that Skyrim/Mortal Combat finisher goodness. There should also probably be more than just the two saberlock kills as well...maybe add the Melee combo animations as well lol. What's the matter, McFly...Chicken?! (Dun Dun Duunnn).... Nah I understand. What I was describing would be best done with that saber lock idea I had anyways but if you're up for some experimentation, It might be a good challenge or we can come up with something similar that is less of a coding burden.
  8. Since I'm bored at the moment, I had some possble ideas on modifying OJRP that I'd like to get down here for notes and reference: -The saber lock finisher should not be taken out completely so I'm thinking maybe have it done if you successfully (unparried) hit a person with a power attack who has under 20 DP and 80% full mishap/balance. That way we still get the fun visual of them being finished off but with less frequency. -Another possible visual addition for the saberlocks might be if two people do a power attack at the same time and their sabers hit eachother before anything else, it does an upright lock (sine they look better than the side lock) that just stays in the middle position until one person either breaks the traditional OJP way or maybe someone pushes the other. If the person pushed is waay off balance, they would be knocked down. ...if it could be coded correctly, It might also be fun if they push eachother at the same time, they both freeze in push position and their mishap/balance shoots up and whose ever balance maxes out first gets pushed to a knockdown. If one person has way more force points, maybe even make their mishap/balance meter go up slower. If they both max out at the same time, they both go flying lol My only concern about this would be how ping would effect it, but breaking a lock before was never an issue. We could also make this feature optional and be set in the server settings. -if by some miracle the above idea worked, we could also do something similar with lightning if two people have maxed out lightning skill or maybe one with lightning and one with absorb and both have their sabers down and get some yoda vs emporer visuals -I also remembered an old idea of mine that I want to get down before I forget: We use to have the slap animation in place of the back kick and I originally wanted to make the effect of it different: If a person was in a saber fake animation (maybe to do a reposit) and they are hit with a slap, they get hit into a stumble or maybe do balance damage at lower balance meter if its too easy...of course this idea was originally intended to work with a system where a successful reposit aways stalls the attacker so there is a defense against "reposit spam" lol I actually like reposits the way they were before because it helped alot when taking on more than one person. Anyways. This was just some brainstorming the way I did it back in the old days and I not sure how it would work out, but it would be good to get some opinions.
  9. Actually the saberlocks where more than a low DP finisher for noobs, it was also set up as a gambling move to do extra damage. It allowed the user freeze their opponent for an extra hit if they didn't break it in time. If you tried a finishing move and their DP wasn't low enough, it caused you to get the freeze instead. I rarely noticed any bugs with them. I also never found the kick being overused in 1.2. Most vets just stuck to swinging, speed combos, and sneaky run hits and only occasionally used kicks when their weren't expected because they were too risky. I think we also had a kick block at one point but I forget if we kept that or not.
  10. If they can dodge while they still have health, how does a jedi kill them?lol..Anyways, one suggestion I might have is make it so that the heavier/more power the weapon, the harder it is for the gunner to dodge. Another thing mightbe to make it so that the more points a gunner has earned, the less amount of effect using the force has on them ..or maybe make an expensive perk that they can purchase to resist force depending on how much Dodge they have and how they are moving at the time.
  11. The only firing when crouched might be a little extreme though not unheard of, but if we make it the most powerful weapon in the game that can be fired at any time, it will get abused. Maybe make it so the accuracy is lowered if you are not crouching and make it throw a person backwards if they are running or jumping while firing! lol I think that will give players enough input as to how its been modified.
  12. Hi Razor. Since you are making big changes to my most beloved sabersystem (the one I was virtually in-charge of for almost 2 years), I've returned to help when I can although my time is limited. I had to create a new profile since my classic one (JRHockney*) seems locked beyond repair unless an admin finally does something. The purposed changes are interesting but I worry might throw off the balance and lose to many great features. Enhanced 1.2 had a near perfect mix of offense and defense with a system that was great for taking on several people at once if desired and I'd rather see added features that are blanced rather than modifying what we know works: -While I kinda like the idea of having different results from power attacks, I don't like the idea of removing the saberlocks completely because it removes an important starwars visual effect. We have always been the most movie-like realistic sabersystem there is and removing visual effects should be avoided. I would purpose keeping them but retooling them a bit so they don't happen as often or even necessarily from a power attack...I"m not sure how this would work yet, but I'll keep you posted..honestly, I always like the them as finishing moves. -Removing the slowbounce from Reposit one regular hits is a not a good idea unless you got something better planned. Have you forgotten just how powerful Jack Baldy was back in the day with his almost inhumanly fast combos? Reposit was often the only good defense against them when he got in the zone. It also helped advance players take on several players at once. Also, what will happen to the manual disarm that looked so badass (and should be placed back into more styles)? I'm hoping you at least kept that for repositing power attacks. I admit reposits looked a little weird at times because of the stall, but we could potentially fix this by just slowing their movement speed down and still preventing a swing for a bit. -Power attacks disarm under 35 DP? I'm assuming thats only with a non-parried? That might work though I'm a little worried about excessive disarms going on. -- Kick has been altered. Kicks at any level of mishap force the character to stumble back and be stunned.?.....We have the mishap bar for a reason and this will likely lead to excessiving kicking use as it has in the past. The way we had it also allowed us to determine what level mishap or DP they had and allowed for some cool fight turning instances. -such as the removal of kick-push: Are you freakin kidding me?! This was one of the coolest most movie realistic combos we had! I had moments when I was losing facing several people where I kicked one into a stumble and pushed him off a cliff that were just epic! Do not remove - Lightsaber damage on Ataru has been reduced to 10, from 13...that sounds pretty weak especially after reducing run hit damage. I never really had a problem defending again ataru in the old system, but I agree with reducing the run damage. - Juyo no longer knocks down opponents at lower mishap levels...meh, ok but I thought that was a good movie style perk. Conclusion: The power attack perks are potentially a good idea, but unless I play it with these changes and really like them which is not likely, I'm sticking with 1.2. I also have some other ideas that I might share in the future...its kinda surreal to post on this forum again! ...Oh yeah, and do what ever you want with the admin stuff since I don't really give a crap about that lol
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