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  1. There are 2 types of people. Those who join a clan because they are good and wanna help in a clan... And those who join clans just because "it's cool be in a clan"! The first type of people are usually playing solo until some good clan spots them and they join and then just move from clan to clan (if they break up) the other type just sucks regardless of being in a clan or not
  2. Heh... When I played JK2 (before the patch, now I just don't feel the urge to play..) there were a few females on servers I played on... Fact is, they were really nice people and well, pretty good players. Atleast most of the females playing aren't the average 10 y.o idiot.. (a'la CS, god forbid that game)
  3. Actually, about half of the servers are still running 1.02... so it's not gone........ Fact is, the saber are now TOTALY unreal. A real (movie-wise) lightsaber hitting someone in the back full strength should absolutly kill someone. Here it's auto-blocked or does something like 40 damage. From the movies, you can see that 2-3 hits should kill someone but most of them get blocked... Here you need to hit about 7 times to kill someone (while he's still blocking).... 1.02 wasn't best, but 1.03 is worse imo... Atleast in 1.02 you could think and time your moves so that u'r swing will go thru u'r enemy while he's swinging you and you could nail him (yellow stance user here)... Here it's best to either throw all the time, backstab or simply attack like a maniac. That doesn't require much skill now does it?
  4. Well, I guess it's playable... Not for saberists tho... (I'm not talking about DFA spammers, they should die) Duels are now really long and not due to player skill, due to the fact medium, which was MY main stance, now does 30 damage when it actually hits. All this, while the backslashes do over 100 damage @%@#%^#%^ Yes, I agree (after seeing the movies again lately) that blocking is fine. BUT, the damage should be much higher. In the movies they hardly hit eachother, just blocked, but when one actually hit the other, he'd usually win. And when the attack those without sabers, they'd die in a single quick slash. Blocking should be a bit different. When someone actually blocks (by himself), the enemy should be a bit thrown off... also, when someone tries to block a good combo (different directions/ non-obvious moves), he should be thrown off (the blocker), since he couldn't block such a combo...
  5. I'm pretty sure that if you actually get to a level where u have a double saber or even get to be a jedi you MUST be really good and will hardly die. The only chance you "should" be able to die is when a truly worthy opponent fights you... Like a "duel of the fates".. Anyways, even tho u don't mean the actual NAME of Maul, you probably know that they have VERY restrictive name choise for people... each race with it's own name styles and you can't choose a name which is even a variation of a "classic" character from the movies... Tho you will have "ranks": "Jedi", "Dark Jedi" etc...
  6. Since you all seem happy with this patch, would you mind posting some tips about it? I've always been a Medium stance user and since now it's almost useless, i'd like to know what am I doing wrong... I guess blocking and counter-attacking is out of the question (since the enemy just blocks it..), strong style is useless and light style is practically a spamfest as it seems... What am I doing wrong???? Why can't I damn hit an enemy while he's swinging his saber to the other side and i'm attacking his back?? About the DFA nerf, obviously it's good you can't turn, but currently it does around 60 damage (if it lands) and the enemy can easily block it (sometimes from the back as well)... The only slash that actually does damage is the backslash, no wonder why people are running backwards all the time...
  7. The main reason why you "hear them getting hit but not die" is because many hits in 1.02 were idle saber damage which was 5hp back then, it's now 1hp, why is that? They want people to swing more? But it's a f'n LIGHTSABER. It should do some damage even when not swingged. 1hp = nothing... Btw, can someone explain to me how the red stance is considered strong now? It does like 50 damage... (so does DFA as it seems)
  8. A stormtrooper came running after the Spooky Taco, yelling: "HEY! YOU THERE!" and then fell on his head as the Taco pushed him away. Kyle then said: "...
  9. ^^^ doesn't work on NF servers. Best way to kill a DFA spammer is to start your own DFA just after his and land it on his head when he already got down (if u have some range from him) If u'r close, u should move aside and slash him before he gets to the apex of his jump.
  10. A dune buggy is against the rules of the marathon. Giving us the console allows us to modify the interface with whatever is there. It's Raven's responsibility to disable commands that can lead to exploiting. Making a script like this is, for a marathon, buying a better set of shoes. This is while others don't know that having better shoes helps.
  11. Closing the saber is only a recommendation. You can't force anyone to not attack you when u'r saber is down. Mostly likely they are newbies and easy prey, so just slash them to oblivion. It's called -SC-... the saberist code.
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