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  1. And posting **** that you would normally say to a noob with no computer literacy won't work here. If you notice in the OP I didn't ask for help, just wondering if anyone else had come across this. I made it past the little quirk, seeing as the daughter still never showed up, but the door was still open, so I just walked inside. Take your computer support bull**** somehwere else.
  2. No this isn't my first RPG, not even my first time playing KoToR. I've never used multiple save files, then again I have never had these crashing problems either. Auto saves and quick saves are all I have ever used, all I have ever needed. Most of the time when a game is this buggy I throw it out and buy a real game.
  3. After speaking to the Shandral patriarch, the daughter never shows up to continue the quest. There isn't a previous save file, as I was just using quick saves and auto saves, and both are at the Sandral house.
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