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    My Past is unknown to all even to myself. However They Call Me Darth Nihilus
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    My hobbies are: Playing Games/reading/swimming/watching movies and Anime.
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    Dark Lord of the Sith
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  1. Keep this thread updated on your progress please!
  2. so? It doesnt matter what does is the closure we got with darth nihilus.i think he needed to be exPlored alot more
  3. He is only in kotor 2 and that is the amazing thing since you can make his orgin story But id recomend ending darth nihiluses story here: When He becomes a wound in the force due mass shadow generator which is on Malachor V i think. If you made him the central protag for your kotor 3 then you could end it just before kotor 2. Yes that makes sense why dont you explain what happens between kotor 1 and 2 since by the beginning of kotor 2 the jedi are almost but extinct yet by the end of kotor1 they arent extinct
  4. Then may i recomend this.Since you want to explore the star wars universe. why dont you explore the story of darth Nihilus.Ok yeah he was created via the Mass Generator and became a wound in the force but why not really give him a backstory which you can weave into The existing canon and therefore expand on the main face of kotor 2
  5. The book aint canon nor are the games until a reboot of kotor happeNs the star wars story guy said that biowares Star wars TOR isnt canon.He mentioned it at anahiem.But that means Revan doesnt exsist in the canon
  6. how about you actually conclude the kotor trilogy. so explain where revan was and what he found in the unknown regions.i think you should make k3 about revans search for the truth after being plauged by memmories of his past.you should include his confrontation with the emporOr and include lord scourge
  7. yeah but legalising it doesnt make sense because people have already created The following fan made kotor 3s Revenge of revan and k3 jedi masters
  8. I think Ersb has hidden it from theyre site cause this article is 4 days old The picture was a leak
  9. It got a ERSB rating sources below English article http://www.ibtimes.com/star-wars-knights-old-republic-2-confirmed-mobile-devices-after-esrb-rating-leak-1928402 Italien article (with ersb rating picture) http://android.hdblog.it/2015/05/19/KOTOR-2-in-arrivo-presto-su-smartphone/ But the question is Will we have a standard port or a completed port or kotor 2? Yes ASPYR is apparently porting it!!! Also when do u think we will have a release date
  10. New Mod Alert!!! Star wars Kotor Brotherhood of the Shadow Android port has been released Download from below: Star Wars KOTOR Brotherhood Of the Shadow Android: https://youtu.be/n0lSQ39ttmM
  11. New Mod Alert!!!

    Star wars Kotor Brotherhood of the Shadow Android port has been released

    Download here:https://youtu.be/n0lSQ39ttmM

  12. I had high hopes for swbf but they are ruinining it... dice and EA together are ruining that game. personally i think they should scrap SWBF and just do a modern remake of SWBF2 with frosbite engine maps such as coruscant.thatd be awesome But my low hopes for SW EP 7 turned into high hopes THE TRAILER WAS EPIC!!!!! i cant wait This week the BIOWARE STAFF dropped some KOTOR 3 news so i think KOTOR 3 could happen But please set it in the revan era AND MAKE KOTOR 1 AND 2 CANON!!! we need kotor 3 not a ****ty reboot like batlefront. I mean dice is used to developing BATTLEFIELD NOT SWBF arggg i will wait for E3 before i give up on it
  13. The longer the message the better I say. Anyways I appreciate you replying to this old thread and I'm happy to hear your opinion. I agree with you about Disney and they're stupidity in canceling 1313 but I honestly hope and always will that KOTOR II comes to our android mobiles. I pray for that day to come. And if it did id troll over this thread. I understand the future possibility of that happening is bleak but what if obsidian did do it but sorted the original game out so it was finished and if they then ported it to android.itd be mind blowing but I honestly haven't played kotor 2 and won't unless It gets rreleased on android or if I manage to buy a computer! But if they did remaster and port the game just to prove to Disney they can atone for the paat then I hope Disney would ask them to work on kotor 3! However I hope kotor 3 is a continuation and not a reboot like battlefront. I love the battlefront series and I have high hopes for the new one. But remember there are 3 star wars games in development at the moment. 1.battlefront by dice 2. Viceral games star wars game which apparently is open world 3.biowares un announced project which could be kotor but even if it was it cannot be like swotor I have yet to play swotor and I d definitely will even though they changed everything I am one of those who would rather have kotor 3/5//6/7 rather than swotor but when I get a pc ill play it What do you think biowares project could be?
  14. Well done dude. What exactly does the carth cheater mod do,?
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