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    My Past is unknown to all even to myself. However They Call Me Darth Nihilus
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    Coruscant Jedi Temple
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    My hobbies are: Playing Games/reading/swimming/watching movies and Anime.
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    Dark Lord of the Sith
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    Various PSP Visual Novels
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    Star wars Battlefront 2
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  1. New Mod Alert!!!

    Star wars Kotor Brotherhood of the Shadow Android port has been released

    Download here:https://youtu.be/n0lSQ39ttmM

  2. Download link below

    Star Wars Kotor Android Mod Pack 2015 New!: http://youtu.be/QfjNOMXzy6Y


    Enjoy and subscribe

  3. February 13th will be the newest release of My new Android Kotor Mod pack! Stay tuned for the link.

  4. Currently Revising and Modding Kotor on Android.

    Check out my first Star wars knights of the old Republic Android Mod pack!

    Download link in video description


  5. Your mod is awesome and great news I have managed to get it working on the android version of kotor


    But I wish to re upload it so it's easier for us android players to install so can I ask your permission please

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