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  1. *looks and Greedo/Han Solo scene* I dunno, he certainly seems to have the concepts of revision and re-revision down...
  2. It's worth it if you like the idea of an OFFICIAL game that lets you play all the classic SW land battles and if you think that BF1942 type games are pretty cool but are quickly bored of games set in WWII. Also if you think they are too drawn out and want something more "arcadey" (which I actually like about this game), this is your cup of tea. The only "love/hate" I experience in this game is when I'm playing as a rebel and Darth Vader cuts me down from behind.
  3. It's hard enough (though still very managable) to play on half the screen. I can't imagine trying to play on a quarter of it.
  4. LOL. I need to play more online so I can experience the comedic hijinks of the internet gaming community. Bots are fun to play against IMO, but they're usually not very funny.
  5. I consider myself a softcore SW fan. I'm more into Jedi/Sith than anything else in SW, though. And yeah, I know that comment was off topic as hell, but oh well.
  6. I guess I just suck then, cause the Imps almost wiped me out on GC on medium and I just barely came back right before they were about to DS my last planet. I have it saved now (as I'm at work ATM) and they're still a few fights away from beating me. But the console version rocks cause you can play GC versus another person.
  7. There's a framerate cap topic AND a (now sticky) patch discussion topic on the board already.
  8. They are NOT the same. The first 4 scenarios start you with only owning two planets and the other faction owning the rest. The other 4 start out evenly. And this wasn't a "complain about the game" topic. There are plenty of those to add your two cents to.
  9. No, I'm pretty sure those are extra scenarios you can get, not features. The console versions have art and stuff you can unlock by beating missions in the Historical Mode that I've heard the PC version does not have.
  10. I'm sure if you count all the vehicle spawns over all the maps thats more than 30.
  11. I say turn off friendly fire as well. It may be "realistic" but Star Wars is an idealized universe and the game should reflect that.
  12. They would be foolish too, since they can fix most problems with a patch and not nearly everyone is as uptight about the "faults" of this game as the person who started this (very overdone by now) topic.
  13. This game is no dud. I've had alot of fun with it on and offline and I'm a tad older than 5. I have it for Xbox but I have played BF1942 and found it kinda dull. SWBF is MUCH MORE fun. I guess I'm a bit of a SW fanboy but I'm sure I'm not the only one here, as this is LUCASFORUMS after all.
  14. I'm just happy the Jedi/Sith are in there at all. I guess some people think that they were a waste of programming effort though. But I think they add to the game.
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