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  1. I've been trying to find the pattern but PFHC05's rear hair shares the color of her bangs (or so I thought). Can't use that one. PFHA03 looks promising but someone gotta remodel the rear hair. I did save it as 32bit. I was using an old Photoshop and there were another option(s) left uncheck. Maybe that was the cause. I'm not really familiar with targa. Oh cool Yea at first I saw your mod there. A question though, do the armors fit female body? I've seen Mandy's default armors and it seems that they don't have female version of them.
  2. I honestly have no idea. This was my first attempt trying to reskin it. The color's too bright imho. I think I might be able to do the orange highlight, the texture seems fitting. Anything I should note before proceeding?
  3. Oh god it looks seriously cool! I've yet to start modding and it seems I have less things to worry about xD I'm gonna see how it turns out while learning to reskin fer real. EDIT: Is DeadMan still around? I looked up for his/her Movie Mandalorian armors mod and I think it's a good start to try modifying his/her armors to suit female PC.
  4. Tbh, I don't really care about which one's canon anymore, all these legal stuffs hurt my head. Although, there's one thing I'd like to see as canon: Wren's legacy in Old Republic setting. I've just watched Star Wars: Rebels and this Mandalorian girl kicks arse.
  5. Ah okay, thanks for pointing that out :3 What about taking screenies and share it on - say - a social media?
  6. Actually I've looked up a few things like canon Exile (Meetra Surik) and some Mandy helm/armor mods. Some looked suitable but I haven't really dive into modding yet (if someone has it on WIP then I wouldn't have to start at all at least ). Problem with the Mandy armors is whether I can fit it into women body since afaik all the Mandy armors mods are male only. Everytime I checked the screenies they shown me women on a man's body. Is there anything I should know before attempting to modify someone else's mod(s)? Legal stuffs etc? The basic modding concept I know for almost all games is the 'extract, modify, install' concept. I have to learn the 'modifying' part to make it fit the game.
  7. Hi, are there any mods for: - Head/portrait model - Mandalorian armor/helmet for Sabine Wren? I'd like to start a new rp playthrough with her. Just the models should work fine, I can start learning to reskin/recolor but I've tried modelling before and it didn't work out that well ^^; Thanks in advance. Google didn't play out well for me so I ended up here.
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