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  1. The Luca$ empire has denied a group of hard working kids the right to use the Star Wars name for a FREE bf1942 mod. FREE!! They're not doing all this hard work for profit. They're doing it because of a shared love of video games and Star Wars. They won't put a dent in George Lucas' Alaska Pipeline of Profit and Greed. The site: http://www.swbattlefield.com/ The thread: http://www.bfcentral.com/forums/showthread.php?threadid=4957&perpage=15&pagenumber=1 Hey Lucas, you suck and hope you get run over by a golf cart filled with muppets.
  2. http://www.darkstats.com/
  3. http://www.darkstats.com/ NOOOOOOO!!!!!
  4. PsYk0


    I just wanted the 10000th post oh, and today I bound a key for the backsweep move and increased the sensitivity for the first time, just to try it out.... man, saber dueling is cheaper than a $2 whore now. Good job LucasArts. that is all.
  5. Yeah, people use it and some people try to abuse it. The people that try to abuse it usually get burned and don't last long on the servers. And think about this, do you put yourself in a position to be backstabbed? I have to admit though, I have been practicing using the backstab after winning saber locks. So far I've probably iced 2 people with it out of, maybe, 12 attempts. One of the reasons I've been practicing it is because it looks good and it's almost a sure kill. And if I miss, there is no counter when the other guy is lying on the ground. But I'm not going to spam the move because, as it's been proven, it CAN be countered (if you expect it) and countered well. You know what I find *really* funny? These guys that join and try to assfight but not giving them the satisfaction of being in their way. When they realize their tactics aren't working, they usually panic and become very easy targets. Truly a pathetic sight.
  6. That's not true. I'm one of the top 10 players on the Darkside Duel servers ( http://www.darkstats.com/servers.asp?id=1 ) and hardly ever use the backstab. In all truthfulness, *MOST* of my kills are from well timed swings and not special moves. I'm sure the other good players on Darkside will tell you the same. I wasn't a big fan of 1.03 at first but played it out and changed my strategy a little. I noticed that I was too busy comparing the 2 versions instead of keeping an open mind and working with it. After a while it kinda grew on me and felt more comfortable. Yeah, those one hit kills suck but you know what? If you go into a game anticipating someone doing it, then I guarantee that it won't happen as often to you and you'll actually get better at the counter moves to it. If you have a hard time believing me or want to see first hand, Darkside Duel Server #1 is my playground. EDIT: BTW, they are TRUE NF servers. Not even saber throws. ALL SABER BABY!
  7. That would make sense because the duel servers that I've been playing on are pinging 150+. All my favorite servers that ping around 50 haven't applied the patch yet (smart). Heh, never realized that.
  8. well you know what? It's a different game now! At least id software had the courtesy of making a few tweeks over a series of patches. Not completely change gameplay with one patch. And yes, developers have to patch games if they plan on making money and more games. That would be suicide you're speaking of.
  9. Too much blocking going on, the damage system friggin' sucks and isn't as accurate as it used to be (I'm talking about sabers going completely through other players without damaging them on a full swing). And, wtf were you guys smoking when you decided to include saber throw on NF servers? Please fix your game. Thanks!
  10. WOW! Where did you pull that comment from? Please elaborate because I'm laughing too hard!
  11. That wasn't me because I haven't played since I posted this . I usually have my name in red or blue on one of the Darkside saber only servers.
  12. Good post D66. I'll keep that in mind but I think temptation may be too great. I do show respect to other players and friends in the form of running out and nodding (quite a few peeps do it that way on my regular duel servers) and saying GF, GG, etc., but if they start by walking casually to the center and doing some big dramatic taunt and wasting time, then I won't waste any time and startup the beheading party. I dig it! It's good to be bad.
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