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  1. Hi everyone, Since I recently picked up a used copy of Star Wars Best of PC, I was very interested in playing KOTOR. However, I have noticed something odd with the game. When I reach a certain battle (the one which features a Sith trooper using a grenade and allows you to use grenades for the first time), the game starts having issues. Specifically, it seems like my game freezes when an explosion occurs in the short corridor to the left of where the player enters the area. After this explosion, I can still access the menus and the music keeps playing, but the picture appears to be frozen. I noticed this issue occurring even after editing the .ini file to make the game fit my monitor (thanks to this forum) My OS is 64-bit Windows 7 Ultimate, with a AMD fx-6100 CPU (slightly overclocked) and a gtx 970 Graphics Card. I am running the game in compatibility mode (xp service pack 2) and so far I have only crashed at this particular battle. Any advice you could offer would be appreciated, and if you need any more information, let me know.
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