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  1. Thanks ChangKhan for working during your freetime for this. Thanks to everyone else who worked hard on this.
  2. Actually the pilot class is the one that builds stuff I think.
  3. nah, I play with teamspeak all the time so I would be it takes very little bandwith.
  4. Pretty nice, maybe banners for the text in the green boxes.
  5. Well in BF1942, there was something that always bothered me. There would be vehicles that took 2 people to get it working correctly but then when lets say a guy in an artillery take kills a few guys, only the gunner gets credit for the kill. Maybe a system can be implemented for both people to receive credit?
  6. Is there a way I can turn on or off a console command to turn off the zoom when you move. I remember in jk2 it was much easier to move around and but stuck in zoom because once in zoom there is a delay to get out with this system. So is there a way to turn it off so if I move, it automatically goes out of zoom?
  7. I can't find the mod on that site AHHHHHH
  8. Anyone happen to know of any active jk:ja leagues? Doesn't matter which kind of matches but just post some leagues if you can. Thank you.
  9. anyone know how to change the distancecull so you can see farther?
  10. People have taken out the CUSTOMSHIP.Pk3 out and everything went ok.
  11. Very nice Graves. I think you have the Jedi Academy's stamp of approval. -DB
  12. Actually, since all those commands have been taken out of the mod itself, it is great for all purposes. Since I know all the commands due to me being an admin, what is left to abuse isn't much at all. Sleep is pretty much it. I can be used in bad manners but I don't know if anyone would get a kick out of sleeping people because sleeping makes them invincible so it is not like you can sleep kill. Also, do you really think it would be fun just to sleep someone then wake then and sleep. It just gets boring so with less options to use, the less likely it will be abused (note the rhyme). Anyway I applaud Chosen for his mod and I hope it goes well. I know most you other people who dislike this mod are people who probably are very stuck in their ways and what I said above will have no affect and you will continue to banter. But this is ok. But it was the most used mod in the JKO community and from the servers that I played on that used it, it worked very nicely. The majority of people doesn't make it right, but also the majority of people doesn't make it wrong. Since Rcon is very limiting, I believe this is the best choice admins.
  13. What is the command for setting the amount of time a decal stays because it is sorta annoying seeing it go away within 5 seconds.
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