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  1. No problem, at least you got it fixed.
  2. Well, here's what I'd try to do. Uninstall, reinstall. Manually do the vista/7/ram patch. Set the compatibility of the actual .exe's of the game (Steamapps>Common>Star Wars Empire At War) to run in windows XP service pack 3, run as administrator. Try that, and then get back to me.
  3. It did that for my disk copy as well. See if you can manually install it/download it to a different location and apply it yourself.
  4. Regardless if you have the gold edition, you should still try to get the windows vista/7 Patch.
  5. If I recall, I remember someone mentioning something along the lines of; after long periods of time playing, the game degrades and gains a significant increase in lag. So, just try saving, restarting your game, possibly even your computer. Maybe, try not taking 1500 days to do a campaign mission. As for the Kuat bug, the AI is weird like. If I had to guess, I'd say it's related to what I just said, and the game eventually broke.
  6. There was a vista/7 specific patch, I recall. Maybe you require that.
  7. I would suggest uninstalling the mod, then giving it a try again. A lot of mods don't mix well with the campaign
  8. Set EAW to run in compatibility mode for Windows XP and see if that fixes it.
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