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  1. Yeah thats good, decrease in speed and strength, maybe an increase in stamina and wisdom, haha. This is going to be great!
  2. Ah, thats great! Now all you would need to do is make available to purchase at the cantina on tatooine, as a melee weapon or as a stim (that would be better) but either one would be so cool
  3. Sorry Rece, my steam account is messed up for some reason:( Anyway, can anybody help me with this mod, can we do it?
  4. Yeah, look for Flawlesssheep, haha. That's me. Hopefully we can try and make this mod.
  5. Nevertheless, this can be done, like Kexikus said, with KSE Kotor Savegame Editor, you can edit/change your character class and level.
  6. Greeeeetings! Friendly Bith here, Cantinas, I love hanging out in cantinas, they are places where you can relax and sort out your inventory or play pure pazaak. But I really love an immersive RPG expirience, so could we create a Tarisian ale item, that if possible but not necessarily, could be purchased at the cantina? (Maybe Anchorhead?) I have a basic image for the idea: What would be even more amazing, is if it could be used as a stim, and have a side effect that decreases player spead or something. Many many thanks!
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