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  1. For simplicity, here is the link to my original order(minus the mat, as people don't want a mat with MY name on it.). The mat is not required to play, anyhow.It has 40 "table" deck cards and a good mixture of "side" deck cards for 2-4 people to play, if desired. http://www.thegamecrafter.com/games/tgcpz01 There is no markup on this deck. ZERO PROFIT. Just make that kid's Christmas great. As far as the backs, I included two back, but you only use one. The grey one is for "purist" players who want their cards to look like what is in KOTOR. The back with the red. Pazaak logo on it is just something I created in case people wanted something on the back of their cards. It is a matter of preference, really. PS: If anyone wants an edited mat with a specific name on it, I can accommodate that, as well. Graphics are my thing.
  2. Update: The cards/mat have arrived! I ended up bailing on artscow.com. They messaged me with some sort of error and I just cancelled the order, rather than fight through the issues, as I ended up finding TGC after I placed my order with artscow.com. It worked out better, anyhow. TGC makes all sorts of customized gaming products. I highly recommend them. They did the mat and the cards. And I could have gotten a custom box, as well, for like $2.79. Regretting not, already. But I will undoubtedly be ordering more cards, so I will add it to that order. Check them out: http://thegamecrafter.com On to the cards! I am rather pleased with how everything turned out. I did go with the more accurate backs and not the red with the logo. Traditionalism won out. The mat came printed on both sides. If you printed a mirrored version, it would give you the whole table. If anyone is interested in doing so, I can flip it for you and I can also change the name to anything you want. Just let me know. It is a 2 minute job.
  3. Something tells me you would be lonely in that feed.
  4. Once the mat arrives(could be awhile, sadly. Comes from Hong Kong, I believe.) I will get you some pictures. But anyhow, I used artscow.com to print the cards. They have a couple viable options. It just depends on how authentic you want to go. I think you can get a mini(1.5" x 2.5") deck for $8 and shipping. They are just about an inch smaller than normal poker cards. So, not bad. But the site has promo codes all the time. Right now, they offer 35% off your order. As far as multiple decks, I only ordered one set. It takes two decks to make one Pazaak deck. 40, alone, make up the main deck. So, that pretty much shoots one deck of 52. Then, 12 blue, red and blue/red. once you add the yellow advanced cards, it adds up quick. I also ordered "blanks" in each color to write on with a marker, in case of a lost card or if one wanted to create a new card. To get around needing multiple decks, my plan is this(tested with a regular deck of cards and using a marker to make them Pazaak friendly).... Main deck remains unchanged. Take the 40ish side deck card and just shuffle them together. Then, deal them out amongst the two players. It is fair and it isn't like I had to travel the galaxy and pay $275 for a 1+/-2 card from a dealer. So, it is more like a real card game you would buy in the store. Also, I believe you could probably play 4 players with ease, if you wanted to.
  5. I am sure other folks have had them made. I have seen forums discussing their attempts. They just used flat images that did not suit my taste. I wanted cards that would be at home in Han Solo's hand. If I could work with metal I would make them out of aluminum Anyhow, this is the authentic looking image for the backs in KOTOR. I have not played KOTOR2. They may look different there. This is the back image I used for my second set. It has a made up logo and some color. But it is essentially the same. I also ordered a custom mat that looks like half of the table from the game. I had to modify it a bit, due to size and the fact that in real life our side deck goes in our hands.
  6. I am very new to KOTOR(Traditionally I have hated RPGS. Just recently got KOTOR on my tablet and I love it.) and the RPG world. But having just got KOTOR I fell in love with PAZAAK. Immediately, I thought I would surely be able to find a deck online. I was wrong. So, I did some investigating and found printing sites that allow you to print 100% customizable cards. BINGO! Now, I need to find the images. I found plenty. Some were sub par. Some were ok. Some were great, just not accurate depictions of the KOTOR cards. So, being pretty handy with Photoshop, I decided to make my own.(Currently, I am awaiting their arrival from somewhere in Hong Kong.) Anyhow, having made myself some accurate recreations, I figured there were other folks out there with the same issue. Or maybe not, as this game is old as Hell. Either way, i uploaded my PNGs to Photobucket. Feel free to use them for personal use. I would prefer you not actually sell them. But who am I, the police? http://s236.photobucket.com/user/redspin6/library/PAZAAK%20Click%20the%20thumbnails%20for%20better%20viewing Comments/Concerns/Criticism welcome. I did add a brushed metal look to the cards that you cannot see in the game. But we are talking about a decade plus old game. So, there were limitations. If you want them recreated with the flat, pale backing, let me know. I will hook you up. Also, being that I am only in KOTOR and no further, if newer games have different cards, let me know. I will create them, as well. -sinsix
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