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  1. Yep. Pretty much. I doubt there'll be another game. they'll continue it with the whole Force Unleashed line of games, probably. At least in spirit. Frankly I'm about done with Jedi. They really don't interest me. I want to play a smuggler. Fat chance of that happening, though. Star Wars now equals prequels, which means All Jedi, All the Time. Pretty much why I'm basically done with Star Wars as a whole, come to think of it.
  2. Abandonware does not, in any LEGAL sense, exist. It's a made up concept for gamers to feel better about themselves when they pirate. Hey! The game's been ABANDONED! It doesn't count, right?? Well, legally, yes it does. Practically, maybe it doesn't, though. If the entity that holds the copyright on the game chooses not to enforce its rights, then as a PRACTICAL matter, you're safe in pirating it. Legally, it's still just pirating, though. Unless the game has gone into the public domain (and to my knowledge, it hasn't), it's still illegal to download without paying.
  3. Yeah, I believe LucasArts has a policy now that if it says "Star Wars" on the box, Jedi must be featured heavily even if they have nothing to do with the timeline. Look at SWG -- it's supposed to take place between ANH and ESB and the game is filled to the brim now with jedi. That, along with the focus on the prequels, has made me basically write off the entire Star Wars franchise. I never even bought SWBFII and wouldn't have until it hit the slop bin (IE: $20 or less), but a friend gave me her copy because she was bored with it. It was fun at first, but honestly, in the end, it devolved into the same kind of arcadey BS as SWBF1. I just don't think the Lucas empire puts out quality product anymore. At least not as a rule. More as an exception.
  4. EA doesn't make games, they publish them. LucasArts would be the publisher of any Star Wars game, not EA. So no worries there. On the other hand, LucasArts' games since 1999 have by and large sucked. So maybe you should expand your policy to include them too.
  5. I liked SWBF1's approach to planetary bonuses. It made it worthwhile to attack one planet vs. the other. I also liked that it took two rounds to actually capture a planet. It'd be nice to also be able to blockade planets that you didn't want to capture, so as to cut off the planetary bonuses from the enemy.
  6. Heh, yeah, I just got totally frustrated with BFII and finally uninstalled it last night. If someone makes a realism mod (or at least a screen realism mod) I'll reinstall it, but until then, the game really just seems geared more towards an audience of which I am NOT a member.
  7. Redtech, that's kind of my point. You can't get good sword combat in a game. The closest you get is fighting games like Soul Caliber or Bushido Blade, which still just devolve into button mashing, basically. That's my real problem with these games. They don't actually have anything to do with sword fighting or the nuances that come into play. And british lad, I'm gonna have to disagree with you. The JK/JA sabre combat was utter crap. It was unbalanced, the moves were ridiculously animated (Seriously, the red stance swings make it look like you're weilding a sledgehammer, while the blue stance makes it look like you've got a whifflebat), and with all the force powers, it just devolved into rote gaming of who can execute the same combination first. Hell, don't you remember the JK issues with the backstab? The most powerful move in the game was to TURN YOUR BACK TO YOUR ENEMY for a good long while. The whole fighting scheme also felt REALLY random to me and just basically like mashing buttons. Sure it looked cool, but it wasn't like you had serious control over your character. Like I said, until Nintendo's lightsabre controller or whatever becomes the standard for how sword games are played (IE: where you swing it is where it goes), you won't find good sword fighting in games. It'll just be the same old arcadey, bash-em-with-your-glowstick action. ON THE OTHER HAND, if they managed to make a game where how you swing the controller is how the sword swings on the screen, that would be a seriously cool step in the right direction (it still wouldn't give you the feel of real sword fighting, though, since the blade wouldn't weigh anything, your foot positioning and balance wouldn't matter, your strength wouldn't be an issue in terms of blocking and speed, etc., but it'd be a start).
  8. You know what I'd like? I'd like if the game wasn't so damn spammy. I'd like if there weren't dodges and spaceship tricks and all manner of twitchy, sugary-cereal-addicted BS like that. I'd like a game where you didn't need 50bajillion shots to take down an enemy who's hopping around like a crack addict on a hot tin roof. I'd like a game that didn't appeal to the damn console crowd. I'd like a game that got RID of heroes, got RID of stats, and focused on teamplay and making the experience look like what you see on film. I'd like a game that didn't compel me to uninstall it with each successive play session.
  9. Frankly, I'm tired of all the focus of Star Wars being on Jedi. I'd like to see some FPS and space combat games like the original Dark Forces -- without all the fancy schmancy force powers and such -- that focus on grunts. I've heard Republic Commando tried to do this, but again, because of the cross-platform development crap, they dumbed it down for consoles. And Soul Calibre games aren't even as detailed as you could get in melee combat terms. They're just a set of pre-programmed moves like what you have in Jedi Academy and such. And the sabre combat in the JK/JA games basically sucked.
  10. Here's my theory: truly well done lightsabre duels will never be possible in PC games. I've played all the iterations of the Jedi Knight/Dark Forces games and they never ever satisfy me. They always feel like basic button mashing. Even if we were playing Teras Kasi or whatever, the lightsabre fighting would still be rather unsatisfying. Why? Because PC input cannot handle good melee combat generally. Melee combat, unlick the "point and click" aspect of firearms, is INCREDIBLY nuanced. A computer just can't represent that without actually giving you a lightsabre controller and having you swing that around to move the blade (which would be incredibly cool, actually). But short of that, I personally don't think you'll ever see a melee combat game that does real justice to melee fighting.
  11. No it wouldn't because everyone would just be a wookiee. Trust me. Give people a choice of an alpha class and they'll take it every time.
  12. Don't forget, you can also lob bombs from afar. You don't have to get in close to do it. Once you get the hang of the bomb's trajectory, you can basically kill them on a single pass or perhaps two. I always use the V-Wing or any of the bombers and I can take out a frigate in maybe 2 minutes max. They're pretty easy to kill, really. Don't bother with the ARC-170 or any of the medium fighters. They suck. They're slower than the interceptors, their secondary is weak and fires slowly. Basically, there is no need to ever fly one once you get good in a bomber and/or interceptor.
  13. Solo4114


    Another good way to do this is play a space map as the republic. Land in the enemy hangar and stick around the med droid. Pick off individual pilot droids. Piece of cake. The precision pistol is actually very nice, but it seems pretty tough to get it to legendary.
  14. At least vs. the AI, I don't find the fighters to be much of a threat. I can regularly fly around in a bomber and not die once in the round as long as I'm reasonably cautious.
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