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  1. Hey, speaking of music... Anyone know any good Techno CD's I should buy?
  2. I'm kinda weird when it comes to music... With that said, I listen to, and enjoy just about every type of music except for Country... I've yet to hear any country song I actually liked. As for Rap or Hip-Hop, I think, although I'm not sure I've heard a few songs I actually liked. But the main thing I listen to is mostly Classical. It just depends on my mood.
  3. Thanks! When do you guys play games?
  4. Nobody mentioned the Fallout games? What a shame...
  5. Is there a welcome mat for 56k'ers?
  6. http://www.uib.no/People/hnohf/qcourse.htm How about this for an Elvish course? It's Tolkien's Elvish.
  7. Duck Tails for the Gameboy, when the Gameboy first came out. Then I bought a NES... That was the beginning of the end....
  8. Hey, don't feel bad... You could be me!
  9. For me it's a tie between Silent Hill and System Shock 2. In one game you are placed in a lifeless town filled with unknown entities and a disturbing story. And in System Shock 2, you are placed in deep space all alone in a gigantic spaceship filled with ghosts and other dangerous oddities. Having never played the first System Shock, I had no idea what to expect from it's sequal, making this game VERY scary and depressing IMHO.
  10. Nota

    Look Here

    So this is me.... Cool! Maybe not so cool...
  11. This is a little off the wall, but everyone seems to think that the Force is now strictly what Qui-Gon said in TPM, and that we should disregard what Yoda said in the original trilogy... But didn't the other Jedi high Council members forbid Qui-Gon from joining their ranks simply because of his rebellious beliefs in the "Living Force"? Maybe I'm reading your posts wrong, but everyone seems to think George Lucas abandoned the old description of what the force *was* to replace it with the new midi-chlorian thing... But what if he is just expanding it to allow both points of view from one rank of Jedi to the other?
  12. I was always under the impression that it was not the force that stopped the lazer blasts, but Vader's armor. Why all the stormtroopers didn't come equiped with the same armor is a mystery to me. Another theory is that Darth just used his hand as a shield; damaging it like Luke in RoTJ.
  13. Now that is *one* DMC related product I do want. Thank you Chastan
  14. Exar, thanks for the great post you have shared with us. Forgive me for being so scientific to the open mindedness you have tried to show us! I do try and keep an open mind, but I won't pass up the opportunity to debate a topic I have curiosities in. Infact, a member of my own family has or had an uncanny ability or two that has boggled my mind. Some or most of these things can be explained in the natural world, but for every scientific fact there is always a fluke that pokes it's way out and baffles many methods of reasoning.
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