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  1. Haha, no problem. I do the same. Yeah, I think I'd agree. But honestly, as much as I love the game, there is a lot that's far-fetched or hard to believe. I mean, how many times can you straight up kill people and neither Bastila nor Carth will say anything? But they get onto you for smaller stuff all the time.
  2. Ooh, if I ever play PC I'll have to get that purple lightsaber mod. Maybe the Revan robes mod, just for the heck of it. I also go to Korriban last, for story reasons. I think it's a lot of fun to imagine Merith squirming around the Sith planet, filled with guilt and trying to balance between doing what she needs to to pass as an initiate but not harm her conscience or lose Carth (I always play light side, for reasons I stated in the relevant thread). (I'm also a ficcer, if you couldn't tell.)
  3. Gentlewoman, actually. I suppose my name and Malak icon are a bit misleading. Haha, killing the bunnies vs not is a great way to describe the ds/ls balance. Could you remind me what happens in that dark side resolution? I've never played it and I barely remember it from watching/reading about it.
  4. Major game spoilers involved in the making of this post! - - - Here's the place to talk about your KotOR characters, aka your Revans. Whether you just threw some stuff together to play the game or you know them better than you know yourself, give us the deats. Form: *Real Name: *Post Mind-Wipe Name: *Gender: Age (during game): *Class: Alignment Pre-reveal: Jedi Class: Romance (doesn't have to be canon): Ultimate Alignment: Other Info: Here's mine: Real Name: Revanna Lin Post Mind-Wipe Name: Merith Concort Gender: Female Age: mid 30s Class: Scoundrel (smuggler) Alignment Pre-reveal: Mostly neutral, but forced to work with the Rep. Jedi Class: Guardian Romance: Carth Onasi Ultimate Alignment: Grey-Jedi (slightly pro-Republic) Other Info: I always ditch my blue lightsaber right away for red and purple ones. My Revan doesn't feel like Revan w/o red and purple lightsabers.
  5. I try very very hard to play a pragmatic, aggressive, vindictive grey Jedi who seems like the kind of person who Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) could have been Darth Revan , but I simply can't do it without hurting myself immensely in the process. KotOR doesn't have a really good balance when it comes to dark/light actions, or, more accurately, it doesn't represent a realistic spectrum of human morality. Most actions/dialogue choices are neutral (even if they shouldn't be), the 'good' options are either being basically decent or up the Jedi Order's lower orifice, and the 'bad' options are usually 'I'll kill this defenseless guy for a bit of cash' and occasionally...something really not bad at all, arguably? So that contributes greatly to the fact that my character is usually surrounded by blue fog with a sweet little smile on her face and her hands behind her back like a ten year old church-girl (Sorry, Merith, really.) Buuuuut also, I don't like being a cartoon-y villain Sithy jerkbutt; it's not who I am, and it's not who my character is. Plus, if you decide to go dark at the very end Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) you have to kill everyone who ever gave a flying fig about Revan. Except Bastila who turns evil. No thanks, Bioware.
  6. I really have a hard time picking! I like Taris because of the aesthetics and layout, the people, and the multiple levels. I like Dantooine because it's gorgeous, and the atmosphere is calming, and I like the feel of history to it, given that my companions Bastila and Juhani have been living there Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) and I, Revan, had trained there as well. I like the people, I like the enclave, and I like the tension surrounding the isolation and practices of the Jedi there. It's homey with just the right touch of eeriness. I also love Korriban (the aesthetics, the Sith presence, the more serious atmosphere) and Lehon, which was absolutely stunning, creepy as hell, and gave me all the feels.
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