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  1. Another thing do you already apply both of these patches: http://www.vogons.org/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=35820 And do they still work with scummvm?
  2. dosbox has a mixer tool (for all soundcards and cd audio too) which might be good enough: http://www.vogons.org/viewtopic.php?p=350415#p350415 MT32 is a different channel from Soundblaster so i'm probably sorted. MIXER SB 50 allows me to lower the voice to 50% of the normal, but not music (and other sound effects unfortunately but ce la vie). Also the sound scale doesn't seem to be linear, i put it to 10% and it only sounded slightly muffled, so i guess i'll end up to about 50-60% to just remove the outrageous high (i guess they wanted it to be higher than the music all the time without hacking the exe, but this was a bad move imo). to use different sound cards for music you first check out the monkey.exe comand line options, running it once with monkey x will show them. The voices always seem to run through soundblaster so for me monkey r1 works for roland + soundblaster ... somehow. One thing i noticed, the ultimate talkie monkey island 2 is not saving the voice+text settings yet, is this intentional?
  3. Not checked the thread, but is there any command to lower the voice volume that is different from the music volume? I was pretty startled when the voice over started in the intro. IIRC in dos, sound effects and music are different channels (and most times different devices) in most games, (even more as i'm using roland emulation music which i doubt it's what is playing the voices), so it should be possible. edit: i guess i could play it in scummvm and leave this DOS only limitation alone, which is what you must have thought
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