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  1. So first I'm just going to discuss some general compatibility issues: Seeing how you have an extremely old Operating System, I'm not sure you can do a lot of these fixes exactly as I know them, since I'm not familiar with OS-s that came before Win XP. I really suggest getting a later operating system, since KotOR was made most compatible with Win XP Service Pack 2, and in later OS-s you can run applications in compatibility mode for previous systems (that includes XP SP2). As far as OSs go, I don't know how you could make the game more compatible, so sorry about that. :/ Next up, you have a multi-core CPU, whereas KotOR was designed to run best on single core, so it is best to set the affinity to single core for the game. Again, I have never worked with such old systems, so I do not know if this is the right way to do it on your computer, but this is the common method to set the affinity: 1. Delete the game shortcut (I guess it's on your desktop) 2. Go into the game directory and create a shortcut for swkotor.exe, and drag this on your desktop. 3. Right click on it and go to properties, and in the 'Target:' box ADD [C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe /C START "Star Wars - Knights of the Old Republic" /high /affinity 1 ] before what's already there (without the []). 4. Always start the game using this shortcut. It's important to make sure nothing in the directory is 'Read-Only', so the game could change/re-write certain files that it needs to. If you don't allow it to do so, it tends to crash at certain points. You could right-click on the LucasArts folder and go to properties, uncheck 'Read-Only' and set it to apply to all sub- folders and files. It also helps to check 'Run as Administrator' in the Properties of swkotor.exe and swconfig.exe, so there aren't any privilege issues. Now, for general crash fixes: I see you have already tried windowed mode and disabled vertex buffer objects so I don't have to go into those. My additional suggestion would be to temporarily turn down the screen resolution and other graphics settings to the minimum and disable soft shadows, frame buffer and hardware mouse. V-Sync is notoriously known for causing lags and crashes, so I really suggest disabling it, and only re-enabling it if you experience really bad screen tearing. After (and if) you get past the issue, I guess you could turn some of these things back up. Also, I read somewhere that entering the Hangar as Carth (I personally think it applies to any other party member except Revan) tends to cause a crash afterwards, so I recommend always entering the Hangar as your custom character. I hope this helps.
  2. Hi there, What are your system specs? I have a few solutions to such crashes but I need to know what your specs are so I could make the appropriate suggestions. To post your specs, go into your KotOR directory, open 'swconfig.exe', click 'Scan Hardware' and post what it says.
  3. Hello fellow KotOR players. I'm afraid I have encountered a game breaking issue that I cannot find a fix for, no matter how hard I look for one. :/ Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) Everything went absolutely fine until I got to the bit where you bump into Malak on the way to the hangar on the Leviathan and discover your true identity. When the cutscene where Bastila starts talking begins playing, it lags really bad (plays a second of it, freezes for about 5-10 seconds, plays another second and so on), then crashes at a certain point. I figured the problem is with the non-video cutscene that follows where Revan takes off his mask, rather than the scene before it. Maybe the 3D environment surrounding Revan is too much for my laptop to load. I'm not sure though. I'm really desperate to find a solution. This is literally the most frustrating issue I've ever come across regarding this game, since that scene is the best part of the entire game storyline in my opinion (and it just got ruined like that by this ******* stupid crash ). Please, will you help a desperate fellow? Here, I'll give you 500 credits in return, it's all I have! (JK) I can't tell much about my system specs, since I'm no administrator and can't even run that configuration file in the game directory. I can tell you that my laptop runs Windows 7 though and that I took all kinds of measures to make the game compatible. Also, it's KotOR 1 (obviously), the CD-ROM version. I've already tried running that part of the game on the lowest graphics settings and windowed mode, I tried single core, multi core... everything I could think of. I turned hardware mouse off, grass off (not that it would help); disabled vertex buffer objects, frame buffer effects, etc etc etc. I figured disabling movies would not help because the scene causing the problem is not a video file, but as I said, that is just my mere speculation. Thank you sooooooooo much in advance if you help me out. (500 credits was it? )
  4. I managed to solve the issue, though at the cost of having to restart the game. I uninstalled the game including the save files and reinstalled it, then did a bunch of procedures that many forums have told me to make the game compatible with Win 7. I discovered that the Dantooine crash was caused by the fact that I deleted the 'currentgame', 'futuregame', 'gameinprogress' and 'temp' folders from the game directory. IF YOU ARE FACING ISSUES WITH LOADING SAVE FILES, DO NOT DELETE ANYTHING FROM YOUR DIRECTORY. Do the following instead. For those facing similar issues as I had in this thread, here's what I've done to get it working (you might not be able to do these exact steps if you don't have a computer running Win XP): 1. Installed the game onto my USB hard drive using my Win XP SP2 machine. 2. Right clicked on the entire 'LucasArts' folder and in Properties, I un-checked 'Read-only' and applied it to all sub- folders and files. 3. Opened the 'swkotor.ini' file and under '[Graphics Options]' I changed the value of 'Grass' to 0 (only disable the grass if it causes your game to lag and/or glitch out), added the line 'Disable Vertex Buffer Objects=1' (this can prevent certain crashes on Dantooine), set 'FullScreen' to 0 & added 'AllowWindowedMode=1' (these will make the game start in windowed mode, but you will still have the chance to switch to fullscreen by pressing Alt+Tab in-game if you want), and set 'EnableHardwareMouse' to 0. 4. Then connected my hard drive to my Win 7 laptop (you can move the entire game to the computer, but I couldn't for some reason, so I have to access the game from my USB). 5. In the game directory, I right-clicked and opened the properties of 'swkotor.exe' and 'swconfig.exe' and in the 'Compatibility' tab, I set them to run in compatibility mode for 'Windows XP (Service Pack 2)'. 6. I created a shortcut for the 'swkotor.exe' file and placed it on my Desktop. 7. In its properties, in the 'Target:' box I ADDED [C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe /C START "Star Wars - Knights of the Old Republic" /high /affinity 1 ] before what was already there (without the []). This step is only necessary if you have a multi-core CPU, as this will set the game to run on single core. 8. I start the game using this shortcut every time I want to play it. If you do not have a machine that runs Win XP, then follow this link: http://deadlystream.com/forum/topic/2302-get-kotor-12-working-on-vista-and-windows-7/ I hope this will help people out.
  5. So I've decided to take my copy of KotOR 1 (CD version) out of my dusty old collection to play it again for the nostalgia, and I was faced with two options: I could play it on my dusty old PC (running Win XP SP2) as I have in the past, or try to play it on my new school laptop (Win 7, and I won't be administrator on it till I get my final grades, so another year to go :'( ). I'm tired of playing games on my PC though, as it is so bad I have to play them on the lowest settings (IF I can play them in the first place). It can still run the game without bugs from start to finish on those low settings fine, but I can't bear the low quality anymore. I installed the game onto a portable USB hard drive so I can run it on my laptop, considering I can't install anything on it without administrator privileges. It runs amazingly well on the highest settings, but then I ran into the problem of not being able to load my save files (except autosaves). I searched all kinds of forums, which all said to delete the 'currentgame', 'futuregame', 'gameinprogress' and 'temp' folders from the game directory. I did so and everything worked completely fine, until I got to Dantooine. I found two areas in the game so far that my laptop cannot load (Jedi Enclave and the Grove), as it crashes on the loading screen every time with an error message saying 'swkotor.exe stopped working'. As you would expect, I decided I would save and switch over to my PC every time before entering those areas, then save and switch back to my laptop after exiting them, but I ran into yet ANOTHER problem (life just isn't that easy, right). Turns out it cannot load save files on my laptop that I have saved from my PC. Any suggestions? I have literally tried everything I found and nothing worked after hours of Google searching. I really love this game. ;-;
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