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  1. Great job, I'm very interested on how you are getting the code to communicate with the engine if its in c++. -c1
  2. Ah c'mon, JA Mod wasn't all that bad...It could've been better without those commands though...heh.
  3. Wow, you are quick with responses, were you just awaiting my reply? Anyway, it has taken a long time because honestly I hadn't had time to prep the code nicely. What have I been doing in the code? Basically going in and commenting everything I did so that people won't have too much trouble navigating through it. Seriously, you need to get off of the accusation that you would think I would code that purposly. I was almost as shocked as everyone else was when someone told me that bug. Whoever figured that out, I sure as hell wish they were on my QA team. After I heard, I figured out what it was and told Orion, who by the way, didn't fix its entirety because he did some other things in there. As for correcting things, there was nothing wrong with the base code. The few bugs that some of the other developers shared with us, I patched those in. I think I've had enough bickering about everything here, I'm sure everyone else is sick of hearing it, so I will leave you alone now and hopefully you'll do the same. Like I said before...Good luck!
  4. The first version of JA Mod wasn't just five lines of code added, I also changed the name of the mod By your logic of a "poor coder" you must think that anyone who creates bugs are "poor coders"; therefore all programmers are poor coders. Interesting theory...Perhaps they will add that to college courses so we can all be a programmer that doesn't create bugs. Have you ever taken a look at your own readme file? "Fix this in the new version, fix that " I have to say your consistancy in coding is by far sub par to an average programmer. Welp, I think I'm done with you now so I will go read something worth my time. Ciao and good luck with your mod ;-)
  5. A few things I need to correct you on. 1) It's chosen not "choosen". 2) Someone giving code to another is not stealing, so I'm not saying you stole the code. BTW, your code is / was not stable. I know a lot of friends that had machines running it and all kinds of screw-ups were happening. I can almost bet that your client commands are like ten pages of if / else blocks. Also, calling your mod JA+ like BOFH's "jediplus" kinda made it obvious. I believe BOFH said "I gave the code to a friend so I don't care anymore" after his third release of OmniAdmin Mod. If you say you didn't know BOFH until recent, then you probably knew him under a different alias. 3) JA Mod didn't have backdoors in it, silly. Only the rumored OmniMod had those. There were no secrets in there so don't imply that. I somewhat agree with the people that say the game is dead. No I'm not jealous of you, so don't flatter yourself. Slider, just learn from this experience. When or IF a new game like this is released, and the source is also released, do not place admin abuse commands in there. I'm sure someone else might attempt it, but at least you will know you made the right decision.
  6. In Slider's defense, he did not physically steal the source code from my jk2 mod. Well, I don't think so unless he hacked my machine. I believe it was BOFH who donated his pipe dream of winning the mod wars to Slider along with the poorly coded source. There was also a leak at the Jedi Academy (http://www.thejediacademy.net) for those of you who don't know that, who was a traffiker of information to Slider and my upcoming ideas. I suppose that was my fault for sharing them at the time. Slider does not yet realize his mistake as I did in jk2 where chasing the fame WAS the "cancer" to the game and I wish I could have realized that sooner. (early jk2 days) I believe things would be somewhat better than they are now. We tried to start fresh with a new game and it was only a matter of days until the admin abuse mod was introduced. Now only if he mimmicked my jk3 mod... c1 out!!!
  7. Great job Unique1. You are amongst the 1337 when it comes to modding.
  8. It wasn't my mod thats for sure. I don't give a damn about Slider, so bash him and his rehash POS mod for all I care.
  9. A little harsh there? No, the admin abuse commands arent in the code so don't worry about that. It' just has the core features for an admin mod if anyone wishes to take a crack at coding one. i.e. (kick, ban, sleep, nextmap, randteams, and a few others.) Although sleep may be considered as such, it's the least harmful.
  10. Hello folks, Good 'ol c1 here just letting you know that I will be releasing the source code to the JA/JAR mods sometime soon. Be on the lookout at jk3files.com and at LucasFiles.com. Regards, -Mike
  11. I suck driving the speeder in the forest. Only on sand, am I okay...hehe
  12. Let's just hope they don't release their source code for the new game. :-)
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