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  1. Thanks for the responses guys.
  2. I thought it was because on the home page, under 'Hosted Sites', it's the first one under 'Adventure'. Either way, it looks like LFN as a whole is down as it appears that the domain has expired due to never getting updated. I contacted the admin of the domain, but I doubt I'll get an answer. Unfortunate, because I know a lot of work went into the wiki, along with many others under LFN.
  3. This site has been down for some time now. I know that the series of Monkey Island has not been active in years, but this site really did a great job in having information about the series readily available. Does anyone know why the site has been down and if there is any way to reactivate it? Edit; I'm actually noticing that quite a few sites powered by this house of mojo (I know that it would difficult to take anyone seriously after that sentence...but please bear with me) are down. While I know that some of these sites are far from the most popular on the web, they still have a lot of f
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