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  1. it would't really be worth the effort to fix my old models. i was just learning 3ds when i made them, the katanas(and most of the other weapons) were completely disproportionate, the textures were basic, and i couldn't have spent more then ten minutes on any of them. i've already posted a new set of katanas with a simple effects package and i'll get to the staves after my classes slow down and i finish a request project. until then, i'd rather not have my old ones ported too heavily (like you said, they were just makeshift solutions for jo and with the ja multiple blade tags/beam lengths, they could be much better done). i've tried your sword set and i realize it's only a test, but the sound pack is... rediculous, the game comes with reasonable sword sound effects(sith_sword) why not reuse them? i like the idea of replaceing the standard sabers, but if you're going that far already it's pretty easy to add sword trails (unless you left them out for realism/etc). about the "dracul lance", it's a united cutlery fantasy weapon right, it shouldn't be difficult to find someone to make it (the style looks similar to a few other models in your pack), but i'm not interested.
  2. laghima


    what do you mean? correct me if i'm wrong, but it looks like he just replaced the saber glow gfx with pic's of a katana blade(hence the name), still looks pretty neat though. if you want a traditional katana download chrono's masamune or my kiriai pack from pcgamemods (both remove saber core/glow [his w/gfx, mine w/shaders])
  3. you can pick up a simple one with my sword models, they're posted at pcgamemods under kiriai, i'm still listing it as a beta though (ja was programed to display 3 lvls of blood depending on impact strength, but there isn't really any variation in the mod yet, and it isn't that realistic...)
  4. thought i should post an update, i've finished several models, improved the efx, transfered sound effects from the sith sword, and made a basic blood mod (ja dosent seem to recognize impact efx, so no wall splatters this time) here's a pic; they're at pcgamemods under kiriai
  5. ok, i've got a temporary fix for the effects; it only alter's the shader and efx, but it works well enough, and it's not quite as slopy as manual gfx replacements http://www.geocities.com/lsenpai/swoosh.jpg here's a pic (it's mid kata, so they obviously wont draw a trail like that most of the time), for the moment the effect is identical to the sith sword in sp (sans lightning...). there are a few catches though: 1. it replaces all standard saber colors 2. i haven't taken the time to substitute more realistic impact efx yet (just removed sparks/smoke), and 3. dynamic lighting needs to be disabled. also, i don't really have a good sound pack at the moment (hence the twangy one i included with my other models), so i could use some help with that end of it . kain/hoodian; sorry, but i'm not familiar enough with the styles/termanology for european swords to do them justice(the "glory of the sith" is an estoc isn't it?), they never caught me as being very interesting. but if your looking for indo-asian/bulkan(as in the peninsula...) designs then i might be able to help ^_^ ps:for the pics, paste the url or click the link then remove http:// and reload.
  6. ja opens up quite a bit of ground for saber moding and, while the sith sword/edged weapon class isn't selectable just yet, it's reasonable to assume that someone will find a way to code it in once the mp source is released (or, failing that, i could throw together one of the cheesy gfx/shader packages from jo). until then, feel free to post relevant models/suggestions here (swords/clubs/throwing knives/staplers...pretty much anything that doesn't suspend a column of plasma ) i'll start things off with a basic kodachi; i'm still tweaking the model, let me know what you think, it looks great with a spec map though ^_^
  7. If you want to make a beam katana though, that probably won't work. the ls beam is a jpg displayed in a plane perpendicular to the viewer, ie: symetric objects (such as columns, umbrellas, and spheres) or objects that would be held faceing any direction w/reference to the user (golf clubs, wrenches, and sporks) are displayed correctly, where as a katana would be held backwards/sideways/impaleing the user/etc
  8. I've finished a katana model w/texture (mine is late shinto style, but that's easy enough to change on the jpg) and i known a numder of others are working on ninja tc's. once someone releases a glm exporter there should dozens of saber mods.
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