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  1. I was actually looking at yours and figured it had to exist if you were able to make your album cover. It's really well done I can't really tell that you've basically erased the logo.
  2. Hi there, I was wondering if there was a version MI2:SE without the logo on it in the works? I've been struggling to find this myself for a while. For my own personal Steam library I prefer my Monkey Island logos to match. Earlier this year I updated CMI & EMI with the "new" logo used in the Special Editions and TMI, but now that RMI has been announced and is returning to the original font, I've decided to replace the logos of my MI1:SE, MI2:SE and TMI with versions of the classic logo. I used your no logo versions of the posters to create these, and hope to do the same with MI2:SE if I can find a good version of the SE poster without the logo. I painstakingly cut out the "LeChuck's Revenge" tattered scroll from your high-res poster since all the clearart I can find for MI2 is at such a low resolution. Anyway, I hope this is an acceptable use of your work, and I'll share what I have thus far. The MI1 and TMI posters below are scaled down to 600x900 since my intention is not to redistribute your hard work. Thanks for all you are doing!
  3. Hi, I've read LucasForums for well over a decade (maybe two) and was surprised I didn't already have an account. So first off HI! I was wondering if anyone still has a collection of Sam & Max sound effects that would have been included in the old Windows Theme pack for Windows 95. Or if you still have the old zip file with the whole theme that would be cool, cursors, icons, sounds and all. I have searched all over the web and all the download links are broken cause, hey it was literally 20 years ago. I saw a link to an old Sam & Max Soundboard but that link was dead too. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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