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  1. The site's down. Is this just temporary? I hope. =(
  2. Hey guys hope someone can help. I had Jedi Knight working perfectly on my computer a year ago but I just tried to run it again and now all I get is a black screen in the game. And no I'm not talking about the menus (I tab for that). In the actual game itself. All that will render is the gun and the HUD. The game is actually running as when I try to run around I can hear what's going on just can't see it. I don't know why the game won't display now when it did before maybe an update to my graphics card did it. Does anyone have a solution?
  3. Do you think we might ever see a poster for the greatest adventure game of all time, Zork?
  4. Lookin' cool. Though it would be great if at sometime in the future we could get some side by side shots to compare the new maps to the originals.
  5. Kranckor


    Well it was about a two day learning curve. I have everything down now though and can probably knock out another one in a couple hours. It's the PSX version so it handles just like that version.
  6. I haven't had time to finish the demo yet but it's been awesome so far. I was wondering though, is there a command I can type in to increase the length of time that bodies stay spawned? It seems like they disappear right after I kill them. Thanks!
  7. It's not complicated at all, just right click and make a shortcut on your desktop. The part that I thought was a little tricky though is that you put the +set fs_game dfmod outside of the "" in the target line.
  8. It happens on all of the levels and he has no lightsaber. Oh and I believe I'm experiencing the same difficulty bug. I noticed besides autoexec.cfg there are two other files with the extension .cfg.sat are those right or should there be no sats at all?
  9. It's been great so far, just one last bug. When I select fists it goes into third person mode and I'm a Rodian.
  10. Okay, yeah because when I unzipped into dfmod I got a folder called dfmod_2008 inside of the dfmod folder.
  11. Okay, so I can get so far as to the main menu then the New Agent screen, after the Mon Mothma debriefing screen I click START and I'm thrown back into the main menu. Can't get it to actually start. Update: Copying the gamestart config file over into the main dfmod folder fixed it.
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