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  1. KotOR suffers a strange Error on my WIN10 Notebook since I let it update Windows a few days ago. Before I approved the Update I could run KotOR with Mods without any issues. After the Update took place, it constantly freezes or stops to work in Loading Screens. When I tried uninstalling the update in System configurations, it wouldn't have done it. It just was impossible. Next I tried a System Restore, which failed because of the avast free antivirus software. Then it occured to me, that avast had run an update as well when I approved Windows' Update. So I reinstalled avast and was able to uninstall the most recent Windows Update as well. But KotOR still has the same Problems, although I assumed that I set my system back to the Pre-updated status, when it hadn't have any problems. Additionally, I added steam to the exceptions in my antivirus software. I also tried to run KotOR as Administrator and in Compatibilty Modes XP SP2 and XP SP3 to no effort. I'm running out of ideas now. Reinstalled it 2 times, the second time with deleting the whole swkotor folder in steam. I found an AR_ERROR report in the folder saying "Names Differ: w_RptnBlstr_001 w_blstrrfl_001", but I'm not sure if this does connect to the problem or if it's been there unseen by me all along. Anyway I tested by starting a new game before putting any Mods in and managed to pass 3 Loading screens on Endar Spire and Taris without a problem when my character had just a melee weapon equipped... The Windows-Update said it was there for security Issues. May it be that Windows just got pickier about file names than before? Maybe it would work again if I fixed the root of that AR_ERROR? Where do I rename the stuff? I doubt that a Mod causes the issue, since I made failed attempts with an emty override Folder as well and also I didn't add any new Mods since the mentioned update, prior to which they all worked with the game just fine. What are your thoughts on this? Any answers are appreciated.
  2. Thanks for answering. How about Hotkeying a Weapon like it was possible in the X-Box Version? I mean, the Keyboard has more than enough buttons as possible Triggers...
  3. I've never played the X-Box Version of KOTOR but I've heard there is an option to direct a secondary weapon to a button to switch weapons quickly in Combat, in case a ranged combat changes into a melee combat. I've never found that option in the PC Version of KOTOR, but it was included into TSL's PC Version from the very beginning. Isn't it possible to port that Switch-Weapons-Button into the KOTOR PC Version? I'd really love it, since the missing button is what annoys me the most while replaying KOTOR after knowing TSL. Has never anybody thought of a MOd like this? Or am I missing something? I'd be delighted reading your answers. Greetings, Ben
  4. Sorry, but I couldn't find a better place for this thread. I'd just like to tell you of my homepage in german language. It lists Mods that work with the german version of the game and links to your work in Taris upper city or other Modsites where you've uploaded your work. I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your work, everyone. I hope I can make your Mods better known in german speaking areas. Here's my page: http://ben-stormrider.jimdo.com/kotor-mods/alphabetische-mod-liste/ Keep up the good work and thanks for all the fun!
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