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  1. Thanks for your interest! I reactivated the survey for today. Then I have to shut it down to be able to analyze it. Cheers J.
  2. Hi there, my name's Joerg, and I am a Master Student @ Cologne Game Lab, Cologne, Germany. I like classic Point & Click Adventures - first one I played was Maniac Mansion - around 1987, I think. My thesis will deal with the Future Perspectives of the genre. Currently, I am researching the topic, and put a survey online. It will take you about 15 minutes, and gives me information about the "Future Perspectives of Point & Click Adventures". You can register for results, which will be available in late fall. I'd be very grateful, if you take part You can find the survey here: http://survey.joerg-burbach.com/index.php/517691?lang=en - it will close automatically on June, 23rd. One week left. Edit: I moved the closing day to June, 25th. So, if you like to participate, you have two more days :-) Thank you! Best Joerg
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