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  1. Hmm... well don't ESPECIALLY Americans and UK people do the very same thing? Just that their native language happens to be english, that supposedly everyone understands? All I have to say ist that I definately have met more Non-Americans/Non UK people speaking another than their native language (read: English) than Americans/UK people speak anything else than their language.
  2. You're right. However, the Phr00t I know really rocks. And frankly, I beat him maybe a couple of times, and also got owned some I am not stating to be generally better than him... or anybody... except bots, maybe
  3. I try to make it depend on how the fight actually was. If it was a good fight, I say GF (don't have it bound). Sometimes, I also say N1 (nice one) or VGF (very good fight). When it was really amazing, I even type it out: "very good fight!" but that's pretty much as good as it gets. When I fight someone new to the game I also say GF when I can see that he made a considerable effort to fight well, even if it was an easy fight for me. When having bad fights or fighting complete jackasses, I say nothing or even "BF". It depends on whether I want to make this a statement or not. "BF" most of the times provokes something like "What do you mean, BF?". So if I don't want to get into this discussion, being tired of explaining to people that being DFA'ed while bowing is lame, I just say nothing.
  4. OK, my question is: how much of a hassle will it be to start out on my old system (PIII 800, 256 MB RAM, GeForce2 GTS) with SWG and then after some time when I buy a new PC (Athlon 2200+, 512 MB DDR-RAM, GeForce4 Ti4600 128 MB RAM) transfer the whole installation to that new PC? I take it that SWG is being shipped on like 4 CDs or something so it probably is a massive installation. What about the character profile and stuff? Will it be easy to continue playing with an existing profile on a new installation? Any answers appreciated...
  5. "nOOb" is definately the most overused term of this game... However, it is my believe that sometimes people only use that term instead of any insult, instead of maybe "a$$hole" simply because they know that the other one is REALLY going to be pissed of and maybe even leaves the server, goes straight to the forums and writes a post like RpTheHotrod (hey, don't get me wrong, I agree with you ) Has it ever struck you that people do this just to piss you off, well knowing that you only are the better player, rather than a real Newbie? I wouldn't take this too seriously. I know that my behaviour is non-nOObish, no matter what people call me. And if they do, I just shrug it away, it doesn't get to me. Just my 2 cts...
  6. Basically I agree with you. I just thought it might be a smart idea to put it in so nobody can complain about "ghey scripters" like people do a lot. Especially since this is supposed to be used in a competitive environment. This way it would be fair game ion the first place with no room for arguments. I'm fine with the script, though.
  7. Thanks guys, that's a good idea. However, I can already hear people complaining about scripters....
  8. ArtifeX, in case you just missed my point in my previous, annoyingly long post , let me quote the yet unanswered question: Hoping you didn't just decide to ignore me...
  9. I guess thats one way of solving this problem It's sad nonetheless because this game mode can be fun. If you play with decent people for example. That's why I am avoiding public servers lately... Which - of course - is just another workaround and no solution to the problem...
  10. Ah well, in duels, NP. But in big FFA saber balls, there is no way to dodge three people at a time incoming from different directions with dfas...
  11. Hi ArtifeX, nice work on that Mod. Count me in on the ProMod community Good to see you back, too. I would like to get back to a point earlier mentioned: Cycling through saber stances. With your mod, changing stances is even more important than before. Being a red/yellow user in vanilla 1.04 I still tend to use red a lot. I already figured that I need to switch to another stance to block more effectively, since red blocking is not very effective (as it should be btw). So I wonder if there is a way to make each stance selectable with a single key rather that cycling through them. Or maybe have it cycling in both directions like the inventory. So you could maybe use the mousewheel to cycle up or down. This way you could switch back and forth between two stances easier. Double tap kicking As for double tap kicking I must say that I actually like the idea of having double taps: first of all it takes care of that annoying kicking off small lips. Secondly it seems more logical: kicking is actually two movements, jumping up and then kicking in mid-air, so its one tap for the jump and one for the kick. While I personally also agree with Noctroglyph that there are plenty ways to dodge and/or avoid kicks and I also think that ducking and doing a yellow or blue overhead chop while the kicker jumps over you IS an effective counter attack, I can understand that you don't want to have it in your mod (coming from 1.02 as you are). Maybe it is possible to make kick selectably single or double tap (I think that has been done for some other mod?), and at the same time decrease range for it like suggested by someone else before? Spreading the word I am member of the Jedi Academy (http://academy.jediknightii.net), an institution that is very much about teaching students decent saber fighting. When the Beta2 is finished, I am planning on bringing your Mod to the Academy's Jedi Council's attention, I believe that it is a great mod not only for competitive play but also as a learning enviroment.
  12. Actually this move is somewhat ok because it requires timing and at least SOME skill. Also it can't be spammed as easily plus it can be avoided. It is still a glitch but it should not affect game balance that much. Saber only FFA is somewhat crazy in these days anyway: DFA, backpedal, DFA, backpedal, DFA backpedal.... With this move it at least invites people to actually face their opponent, hit them and then finish with this added pseudo-dfa thing . So probably this is even better that this "dfa-jump-into-a-crowd-repeatedly" style that people are using...
  13. Well actually when you observe the DFA animation (of yourse I am talking about the red stance finisher, which the term DFA really belongs to ), you will notice that the character jumps up (hellloooooo!!! ) and then falls down (thus coming from above) and he brings his saber up over his head (hellllooooo!!!! ) and then slashes downwards. So the blade comes from above. I don't see your point in arguing about not being above the other player. "From above" doesn't nbeccessarily mean "the player is above the opponent", it can also mean "the blade comes from above", which in this case, it does. The term was invented by the community in the early days of JK2 (when you probably weren't even around yet? Just guessing ) when the red stance finisher was way more deadly than now in 1.04, can you say 1.02? Also when saying that you don't care what other people call it, you are missing an important point: This is about communication. If you want to be understood, better use the term that most people use, otherwise you'll be misunderstood. If you still don't care, what's the point being on the forums?
  14. well, if my opponent tries to fight me with walk toggled on, he's minced meat in no time. I see your point, I sometimes turn walk on to practice combo moves but in a real duel I need the speed in order to dodge and close in and out of my opponent. Actually I find the need arising to have one key to toggle walk on/off and another to only walk with having the key pressed down. This way you are more flexible. Nothing sucks more than being hit by a dfa because you accidentally left walk toggled on and couldn't sidestep quickly enough... duh!
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