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  1. Well as you can see by my sn it has to be salvador... I just love the accent and the whole beat poet/revolutionary sort of feel. Which is also why i love the whole blue casket area because it is a cafe full of revolutionaries and beat poets. Its cool how the plot also revolves around that too... the small guy taking on the establishment and helping some workers unionize and discover new political ideas. this game is so much more deep then any other that i have played.
  2. I would have to agree with some folk on this post because the game is allready so good that almost any attempt at making another one would not be as good. On the other hand I would love to see it continue even though the plot was concluded at the end of the game. Maybe a prequle? I think not but I would like to see it only if it was somehow made as good as the rest. Cheers Keep Fighting the Good Fight
  3. i would be verys suprised if you did not get permissions because all they want is that you put in something like "registered trademark LEC copyright 1998' in the files. that is about all you have to do when you make mods or levels for Jedi Knight II (also by LEC if you didnt know) But anyway that would be cool if you do end up making one please post it here or some where on Lucas forums Thanks
  5. Quite... Well to activate ur console simply (unless you have messed with a lot of the controls but it should still work) press the SHIFT and ~ key
  6. Hi i have a problem... when im playing mp games and durring the loading screen it sometimes freezes up on the waiting for snapshot or what ever.. here is a few specs on my comp in case of compatibility issues: Athlon 1600+ 786 mb ddr win 98 se ati rage 128 pro all in wonder 32 mb (Somewhat overclocked) ect.. thanks
  7. A few questions: Do you have the patch... that may help but not for sure Also some video cards like my old one acts up like that in the game (Voodoo 3000) you can generaly just keep playing 'till you get to the next year or area and it will be cleared up or you can start from your last saved game. Generaly the problem does not occure twice in a row.
  8. There seems to be so little that content here that is actually about Grim Fandango zzz
  9. You May have to start over from ur last saved game posistion because throughout the game with or with out the patch GF has some issues where if you dont do things in a spesific order some things get buggy. Also what os and video card are u using because GF may not be 100% compatible with windows xp and also there are many video card issues like with the voodoo series sence 3dfx is gone they may not be supported.
  10. METallica Hendrix Yes Talking heads and the like...
  11. Just wanted to know if anyone knows where i can get a no cd crack for JKII because i dont want to buy another copy for my other computer and i want to play LAN games... Thanks
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