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    I made a Monkey Island Flash Movie and then got internships at Telltale Games and Double Fine.
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  1. Thank you all for the kind words Online, people are nice as well, but slowly I’m getting comments like “Looks better than Return to Monkey Island”, and this just drags me down. The general criticism of the game bums me out already, but getting these comments on my video is just too much. I feel like I added another platform for these rude commentators. It’s never “Personally, I like you art style better.”. It’s always stated as a fact: “This is better.” I’m paraphrasing, there are more detailed comments, but you can just feel that they are less interested in sharing their thoughts, but more interested in giving Return to Monkey Island another slap. I’m super emotionally invested and my mind colors these things more dramatic then they maybe are. And luckily, there are only few comments like these. But I can’t help but feeling sad because of this. Also: My art style better?! It’s ridiculous! I’m not talking myself down, I’m proud of the looks of the movie, but people don’t know what they are talking about. I hope it doesn’t become more in the future.
  2. Let's form a Mix N Mojo crew!!
  3. Oh man. While we are saddened by the ugly wave of hateful comments, here and there are beautiful, hopeful shines of love that give me so much joy and hope! While haters rant, others create art. They make things. It's wonderful.
  4. Are here other Sea of Thieves players? When that add-on with the Monkey Island easter egg got released I jumped in, and I love this game. Mostly because of its wonderful atmosphere and lack of UI. I love having long journeys on the sea, listening to the amazing sound and music, and the thrill of not being alone. It's amazing how, 80% of the time, I never encounter another player. But suddenly you see a ship on the horizon, and your heart stops, and you hope they didn't see you yet. (I suck real bad at sea battles, I loose all the time) Aah, I love it, and it's a great companion while waiting for Return to Monkey Island.
  5. No no, you got it all wrong. If you tilt your head slightly, you realize it‘s a hand giving a thumbs up.
  6. Now that you mention island designs: I can’t wait for the map screens
  7. Haha, or just: “Monkey Island”. Technically none of the previous games have that title.
  8. I only watched the trailer a couple times and try to forget most of it’s content until release. I wish I could play the game blind (not literally!). Hey, how is the IRL timeskip technology these days? Is cryostasis still cool? Sigh. Anyway. *watches the trailer again*
  9. Yeah, when the trailer didn't showed up at that Devolver keynote, I thought: OK, maybe I have enough time to finish the movie before the trailer comes out, that would be incredible! And I think soon after a rumor of a Nintendo Direct popped up. This "maybe deadline" motivated me to get the movie done soon, which I really needed. (Without a deadline it's production was kinda dragging.) I actually wanted to release it earlier, on June 22nd (15th anniversary of the first flash film). Also, if you are part of a Nintendo Direct you have to keep it super hardcore secret. We almost got a slot for our Say No! More release last year, and were told to shut our mouths big time... Oh oh, I don't know if I was allowed to say that... I have to go! If they find me, I--
  10. There are so many animals in this game, I love it!! Hey so, it looks like we play as Elaine at some point, but... looking at this image: What if we also can play as LeChuck? I'd love that!
  11. Hello everyone. I cannot not do Monkey Island art while waiting for ReMI, so I made this. Please enjoy. Marius
  12. Distracting Monkey fans from the lack of trailers with a little animation would make me really happy. I can't wait for you all to see it, I put a ton of love into it. It's decades of my Monkey Island passion compressed into 5+ minutes.
  13. Also I posted a couple stills in my twitter thread. It's been so much fun y'all, I never worked with that art style before. For the environments I grabbed the SE backgrounds, and they fit super well.
  14. Since the announcement of Return to Monkey Island I worked on the Monkey Island 2 Flash Film!! I just announced it with a little trailer, and will release the whole movie on monday.
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