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    I made a Monkey Island Flash Movie and then got internships at Telltale Games and Double Fine.
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  1. Maybe the mac versions are on them too? Whatever the case, how annoying is it that the game, that the devs had to downsize for WiiWare, still doesn't fit on one disk? The box itself is incredibly amazing.
  2. Tales is split into Disc 3 and 4. I currently don't have a disc reader to look if there is more stuff hidden on them though.
  3. One more thing. Since the text is hinting at LeChucks brother being the villain, then the headline "He's big, he's bad, he's back" can't be referring to LeChuck, but to, uh, Guybrush, I guess.
  4. Wow, I never really wondered why it said "El Carlo's office". Very nice to have an answer to that now. Funny how these things happen, because if the text mentions LeChuck's brother then it would also talk about three difficulty settings. But here it correctly mentions only two. There is only one logical explanation to this! Kixx knew the game in and out and that "the brother" is Guybrush, and to them "LeChuck's Revenge" is all about fighting greed, and the real villain is ones ego, and... Hmm, or maybe it's what Remi said.
  5. There are some neat room scribbles for Monkey 2 that I haven't seen before.
  6. My box arrived today! The book is really something, it's basically tons of oral history quotes from the developers, and here and there you can see notes from Ron's notebook. A new thing, at least to me, was a scan of the first story treatment of Monkey 2. I tagged one funny thing as a spoiler: I didn't get around to check what versions of the games are on the usb stick, since I'm on a mac. Also I don't have a floppy disk reader, and am very intrigued what they put on Disk 22.
  7. "Hey Ron, remember the many cards you signed? We, uh, need a couple more of them."
  8. Escape from Monkey Island is the true Monkey Island 3.
  9. It looks like it's being faithful to the MI2:SE sprites, which had these (to me) creepy eyes. I just was hoping for the statue to look more like Guybrush from that CGI trailer.
  10. Oh man, the new foreground in the office excites me a lot. Very Scumm-y! Saw it in this 23 minutes of gameplay video.
  11. Yeah, it's well written. The end of the Monkey 2 hint book is quite chilling.
  12. All these illustrations are so dang good. I love these maps! Imagine how Mêlée Island would look drawn like this... Interesting, on Scabb Island, there is no dock for Captain Dread's ship. There's just his house. Miscommunication or were the maps drawn super early in production?
  13. Rum, years ago I wondered about the same, and believe I know where you are coming from. I really hope I don’t come off rude with my post, but have to ask: Are you really sure you want to dive back into this topic, and are you really, really sure you want to do it with that question? The thing is that this question has been (and still is) asked a million times, and there is no quick answer to this that will satisfy. I know I had the same thought in the past, and it took many years for me to understand it. I’m trying to educate myself with reading articles, listening to podcasts and talk to people who know more about this, and I still only scratch the surface. My quick answer would be that the case of the Bosco recasting is not racial discrimination, since reverse racism doesn't exist. And I am certain that this statement, standing on it's own, will ruffle a lot of feathers, but that’s because you have to know a ton of background infos and facts that support this claim. And I think asking a video game forum to deliver these is a lot to ask. Also, it has been explained a million times online, so I would ask you to do a bit of googlin’ to find out yourself. Again, I am happy that you are curious about the topic and want to learn from it, but kindly ask you to do a bit more self education and research. Because you have to understand that, to many people, these questions are extremely exhausting. Too often it feels like having to explain and discuss the rules of soccer before every single match.
  14. Yeah! We finally see that there are more than just three cannibals on the island.
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