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  1. 19 minutes ago, Laserschwert said:

    I would love to hear Dom narrating the hint books. They are written first person, right?

    You just saying that gave me this fun image: Us being stuck on a puzzle is basically Bench-Guybrush having a hard time remembering.


    β€œAnd then I put the spicy fish in the bucket!β€œ

    β€œBut how did you survive eating spicy fish yourself?β€œ

    β€œI didnβ€˜t.β€œ

    β€œSo what then?β€œ

    β€œWell, er, then I was going from island to island, looking for a glass of milk. So, uh… I looked everywhere… hmm… Then I went back to Brrr Muda, to see if I can do something with the fish bucket. Nothing… Soβ€¦β€œ


    And looking in the hint book is basically Bench-Guybrushβ€˜s brain remembering again. :)

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  2. Oh man, this is not a hard puzzle, but it frustrated me:

    The fish eating contest. I knew that the spicy fish will be the solution, so I put spicy fish in the bucket. But how do I get an β€œun-spicy” one? I was looking for like a glass of milk everywhere. How do I solve this??


    It never occurred to me that, during the contest, I can pick a fish from my inventory instead of the bucket on the table. That is wild to me, because usually, the judge is so strict. Why would he allow that in the contest? I guess he didn’t see it?

    That’s the only puzzle that kinda annoyed me instead of going β€œaha!”.


    But: the cutscene where both the Queen and Guybrush almost die of that spice is so funny to watch. I never got tired of that.

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  3. 9 hours ago, BaronGrackle said:

    So far, my absolute favorite part of Return has been when LeChuck landed on Monkey Island and used the Mop Map (which Guybrush had used on MΓͺlΓ©e Island to find its historic mop tree), and he was somehow able to follow that map's directions to accidentally find a different mop tree on Monkey Island.


    Wally isΒ thatΒ good at making maps.

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  4. At the moment Scurvy Island is the most important music to me.

    I didn’t collect all my thoughts on the whole game yet, but Guybrush is so lost that it depresses me. Scurvy Island gives me a break from that. It screams β€œEverything is going to be ok.”. I visit the place regularly through playthroughs.

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  5. 58 minutes ago, Sadbrush said:

    Man, what a missed opportunity! It would have been so satisfying to finally fix that clock after all this time, especially after Guybrush makes that comment about it being broken. Maybe those dark runes graffiti could have also come into play since it's in the same area.

    I love the museum guys explanation that they could fix the clock, but at this point it would confuse the citizens. πŸ˜„


    59 minutes ago, Sadbrush said:

    Dang, the more I think about it, the more I can pick apart holes.Β 

    I love these β€œholes”, to me they make the world feel bigger, and reinforces Guybrushs β€œtunnel vision”. There are even more of them. There seems to be a whole story about Lockes mom that we only scratch the surface of. Widey is always living close to Locke? What is that all about? My gut feeling also thinks that Lockes mother created the safe, not Stan. I have zero proof. Just a feeling.

    And I am satisfied by not knowing the answer, but just know that are more actors and stories out there that we dont fully hear until Guybrush wants to actually listen to them instead of just focus on keys and The Secret.

    I love it!

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