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  1. As long as they were stored in relatively stable environment, e.g. not too hot/cold or humid, they should still be readable.
  2. I went on holiday to the San Juan islands four years ago all because of that DFA documentary episode. It's a lovely area.
  3. Fantastic as always! I wonder if anyone out there has the other page for that Grim Fandango advert - https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EJkfw9sXkAAD84K?format=jpg
  4. Can anyone recommend a printing service to us that ships within the US?
  5. Do you know what exactly changed in this new update to cause the issues in DoTT?
  6. Speaking of which, @Laserschwert - I saw a post of yours on the 4K77 forums looking for a Vader reference image from the TIE Fighter box art. Did you ever find a high quality source of it?
  7. I'm back for the Laserschwert poster thread.
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