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  1. I watched this movie recently and got some serious Guybrush vibes off Sean Flynn when he appeared in this short black waistcoat. Doesn't he look SO Curse of Monkey Island?! He also appears in a lace up shirt like in MI1. At the time I really wanted to point this out to someone...thanks to the forum, now I can! Yippee!
  2. I voted for MI2. It was the last (besides Tales) that I played--we had 1 and 3 when I was a kid, and 4 was easier to find. I had to ask my dad to buy 2 on ebay when I was in my teens. It was the one I played with the least help (again besides Tales) because as a kid I was perfectly happy to look up solutions on the internet...lol. I found 2 genuinely spooky. It is darker and nastier than any other installment, and I think playing through it "on my own" added to that feeling of danger. The ending thrilled me not just because it was so surreal but because it so unapologetically refused to explai
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