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  1. Everything in this thread is awesome! @Jake, @Marius and @Dmnkly, your streams were so much fun and it was awesome to watch, get insight, and hang out in the chat (please do COMI and beyond!). @Blondebeard, I'm very happy to see your site back up, I used to visit it a lot back in the day. Great job on the relauch. @Laserschwert, your work continues to amaze, and if I had a multi-monitor setup then I'd be using that COMI background immediately. @Nano, thank you writing your book (I wish I could understand French) and getting Steve to paint an amazing new Monkey Island piece that now adorns my wall. As for my own stuff, here's a Sam & Max fansite! I launched it 10 years ago, but I spent a long time rebuilding the site from the ground up over the last year+, including rewriting all the content, and I'm very pleased with how it turned out. It even has an already-inactive forum!
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