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  1. Yeah, it was in the front window of a local shop, hence why the front is so faded
  2. Only in situations where the file block headers haven't been destroyed, you can also restore file partial files ah, scaling been enabled that long i forgot about it, is this any better? you're welcome, that's actually how i came across this, have been working on a replacement plugin and library which currently supports adf/d64 and fat12/16/32 this is how the icon looks under Monkey Island 1 colors (unclicked)
  3. Hi All, Not sure if anyone has seen this before, Was exploring the contents of some disk dumps I made using a Kryoflux a couple of years ago, and discovered a deleted icon on the original monkey island 2 disk 1, dated prior to the release. here it is, have also attached the icon to the post For the curious, here is the disk information as per ADF-Workshop monkey2.info
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