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  1. COOL! IF you could find one of these un-folded, THAT would impress me...
  2. Sure, once I get back to the work(place)!
  3. The posters were folded from the get-go. Not stapled, but loose. These Amiga mags often/always included coverdisks, they came in plastic bags.
  4. OFF TOPIC - fun facts... Price sticker says... 250,- That´s 250 FIM - finnish maks, now obsolete currency. Adjusted to today... 63,67€ I had to replace disks 7 & 9, IIRC. Due to R/W error. Other than that. Everything went smootly... On a 500, 1 meg, one external drive... 11 disks to swap. Those were the days!
  5. Regarding MI2 "The One" - posters... - These were freebies given w/ The One (Amiga) Magazine, upon the release. - They were double-sided, as you can tell from the shitty photos. - They measure 55 X 63 CM - Looked really cool on bedroom closet door, attached with Blu-Tack... Stashed mine in MI2 - Amiga box. Fits perfectly.
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