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  1. To put it simply, a Twitter competitor! This is me: https://idlethumbs.social/@benx Be warned, despite what the Mastodon stans may insist, it's fairly young and not particularly user-friendly right now!
  2. In fact, what would be the best lighting for this? It's a digital copy of an acrylic printing (iirc), printed on canvas. I've got daylight coming in from the right, and various house lighting, plus a ring light with various settings if necessary. Would be nice to get a really good photo to share on Mastodon or whatever...
  3. I actually just spent like £100 getting Laserschwert's latest version of the MI2 poster printed on canvas and framed. It looks fucking great. I went to a professional place and the digital art guy there talked it through with me and did a couple of test prints and stuff so I could see how all the digital and physical processes interacted and thereby control exactly how I wanted the colours. If you want that level of precision, either you'll have to get it printed somewhere that you just provide the file to, and factor in the cost of potential repeat requests to get it right, or pay more to go somewhere that you can play about with a lot beforehand but they charge you for the extra care and attention and expertise... Here's a photo I took just now, this is 70cm x 50cm excluding the frame. The lighting's not perfect here, but in person it looks amazing.
  4. Oh yeah, the cigar! I guess it's a legal thing where they're not allowed to show smoking in some territories or some stores.
  5. Used this video to compare the music in the opening cutscene, alongside that playthrough vid of the original I posted above. I had felt it was a little overbearing when I started playing a few days ago, and listening now they do seem to have overcooked it in places. They maybe could have compensated for that by having the voices a bit louder; unfortunately the player can't change that with their settings, it's just one overall volume bar for cutscenes rather than the discrete voice/sfx/music ones. (I always found Lucasarts games to have the music set too loud, it always need to come down by about 30%, so at least this fits tradition!)
  6. Ha, funnily enough, as well as classic rendering I also switched back to tank controls! I was finding camera-relative too confusing, maybe because I've played this with tank controls so many times before... Does anyone happen to have a good comparison video (or two videos/sound clips that can be compared) for the updated soundtrack?
  7. I've just started a GF replay and decided to try out the remaster rather than playing from disc via SCUMMVM/Residual. The backgrounds didn't look as nice as I remembered. I realised that a lot of that was because they were now being placed next to hi-res character models - as soon as I flipped it back to classic rendering mode, the background looked better again! However, I checked out some comparison videos anyway (I was mostly hoping to find comparisons of the old vs new music, but couldn't immediately find any), and it seem like the backgrounds have been brightened. The two videos I'm looking at are these: The first one claims to be a comparison of the RM vs the original. The second is a playthrough of the original. Now, you can definitely see a difference in backgrounds in the first video: Backed up by the second video (though perhaps a little less so?): The thing that's throwing me off a little here is that it seems the first video is actually just using the Remaster's different rendering modes, judging by the new UI in Don Copley's computer on both: As compared to that in the second video: What's weird is that when I flip between the rendering modes in RM, it doesn't affect the backgrounds at all. This YTer says in the comments that they were playing and capturing on two different laptops simultaneously, so I guess one of them might be outputting different brightness/contrast levels? I hadn't realised that was a thing. Or have they added this extra contrast themselves in post? So, I guess my question is: has anyone noticed the backgrounds in RM being brighter? Or read anything about it? Also, is DREAMM near to supporting GF yet?! I think I'm going to go to the effort of playing from disc, tbh, even though it means missing out on the new music (and maybe that Domino dialogue if SCUMMVM haven't fixed that bug).
  8. It's not a reboot, because it maintains the continuity.
  9. Ah, I'd forgotten/been unaware there was an original promo bandana. That probably explains the weird design choices on it! I can only find images of it on this ebay page: https://www.ebay.ca/itm/115431823194 Seems like some changes have been made - the POLECATS banner colour is now white, the tyre track pattern is less detailed, they've removed the mention of CD-ROM, and obviously at least some of the logos are new (we can't see from these pics whether any studio logos at all were on the original).
  10. It's not actually the original art/OG cover though, it's a repaint of it.
  11. Is that thumbnail a spoiler? Looks like the menu changes its background as you go and that's a location from later in the game that I haven't got to yet...
  12. It sounds like you've been very conscientious and thoughtful throughout the process, and if you don't feel comfortable sharing them without those elements that's probably the right call. It does sound like a different situation from the Lucasarts stuff posted in here.
  13. I've not got much to do this evening, does anyone know of any good games coming out in the next few hours?
  14. Not if you think in terms of syllables. "Temple Of Doom" is 4, "Last Crusade" is 3, "Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull" is 7, same as the other two put together! It's even longer on its own than "Raiders Of The Lost Ark"! Also, it just doesn't flow as well.
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