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  1. Same, I've been holding off till the forums were back up so I could make sure we were synced! So I've still only read chapter 9, I'll wait until you update the thread title before moving onto 10.
  2. Read chapter 9, very much enjoyed it. Getting Sansa/Dontos vibes off Beth and this new fella. His backstory with Blackbeard was amazing, Thatch keeps getting scarier (though I liked the hints that perhaps the guy was not wholly innocent either) and it was good to get more from Beth's perspective too.
  3. No, but should get to it over the long weekend.
  4. I enjoyed chapter 8 but it was mostly fulfilling the set-up of chapter 7. I was a little surprised when it ended, but then I saw that we're onto 'Book 2' after this, and this chapter made more sense as a sort of denouement for Book 1 - it resolves the previous actions, establishes Shandy as being well and truly in the pirate's life now, and sets into place what will presumably be the dynamic of the next book, with Davies now set against Leo Friend and wanting his ship back.
  5. Folks, please ALSO be careful with RTMI spoilers! I haven't played it yet!
  6. Have you mentioned this before? What's the context, is it just a one-off you made for yourself? (Looks great, whatever it is!)
  7. Loved chapter 7 - it moves so fast! I only really expected Shandy to get captured by the end of this chapter, never mind talk his way out of it and then do *another* turn and start shooting Navy captains! Gripping! I also love that throughout the whole thing he's still referred to as Shandy - the narrator knows what's up even if Shandy doesn't. Also, we're getting to the stuff about Blackbeard involving marriage and killing his crewmembers in his rituals to increase his voodoo power, which are echoed in LeChuck to varying extents.
  8. Really enjoyed chapter 6, it evoked the dread of ship battles and just horror of war in general brilliantly. The stuff about how the cool collected Englishman realises that actually he was in shock last time and now he's on the verge of crying, vomiting and pissing himself all at once in sheer terror was great. And a tantalising cliffhanger!
  9. Finished chapters 4 and 5. Really enjoying it still. I like how the details of the magic are slowly creeping in, and the sense that there's a lot of stuff that Shandy doesn't know but also even some stuff Shandy has witnessed that even the reader isn't made privy to. Also agreed that the Leo Friend section is really effective - absolutely want this guy to meet a nasty end. It's also great how he's thinking about how he needs sugar for his blood energy and how people are envious of his strong and nimble body, and in everyone else's narration he's this waddling panting creep. Please be careful with spoilers, everyone - I was wondering if so it's a bit frustrating to have it revealed ahead of time that that's not the case.
  10. I'll try to catch up this weekend. I wouldn't mind stopping for a week but I'm also happy to move on to chapter 6!
  11. Agreed with Andy. Presumably people are buying them, because LR keep doing new ones! And even if it's all scalpers, well then people must be buying them off the scalpers, because otherwise the scalpers would stop buying them! The real question here is why anyone would like compromises
  12. I got a bit behind as I'm currently addicted to the Wild Cards series so it's hard to tear myself away! But I'll be reading chapters 4 & 5 soon! I guess it's just us two still reading it..?
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