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  1. The description says "tribute illustration for a cancelled project", so I suspect the project was a collection of tribute illustrations of different games, not an MI project. The Umeshu Lovers account also tweeted mocked-up concept art for a hypothetical Yoshi's Island remaster.
  2. Scans of almost every issue of Lucasarts' magazine The Adventurer: https://archive.org/details/lucasarts-the-adventurer--magazine-complete This probably isn't incredibly useful, but the reason I'm posting it here is that I realised that the cover of issue 8 is the source for that big Ben Throttle cutout that was talked about earlier. Personally I far prefer this cover image to the one used for the actual game packaging - I'd legit print and frame it if a cleaned up version was available. This also solves who the artist was - Peter Chan! I replied to Tim's Twitter thread about
  3. Is anyone else not seeing any in-post images on these forums any more? I just see blank space, both in Chrome and Edge. Some I can click on to get the picture to open fine in a new tab, some if I right-click to open in a new tab I just get 'spacer.png'. I want to see the Hit The Road comparisons and the new DOTT crops!
  4. Well, I for one love the Hit The Road soundtrack! Anyway, not sure if this kind of thing is exactly what was intended for this thread, but here's something I did for Art October:
  5. Well done on all the new and improved stuff, Laserschwert (and contributors)! I'm pretty sure I've suggested this to you before somewhere on the internet, but you might want to consider the cropped framing of the DOTT poster from the original box - it's certainly the version that's stuck in my head!
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