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  1. You didn't ask me not to pirate your content (which I didn't), you lectured me about how much work you do on the interviews and then gave it a little sarcastic sign off. You were being snippy. I asked the mods to delete if inappropriate because I don't know the legalities of youtube-dl or the mod policies on stuff like that. I have no idea how that could be construed as confrontational. And no, I wouldn't have liked it if someone had linked to a torrent of LOTCG. But if someone was asking for audio-only versions of my YouTube videos and I hadn't provided them and someone mentioned the existence of youtube-dl, I wouldn't have cared. And if I had cared, I would have politely asked people not to promote or use that option, not jumped on my moral high-horse to take potshots at them.
  2. Wow. Perhaps you should make your podcast release schedules clearer on your video descriptions and forum threads so that people don't have to ask these questions or assume they need to resort to stuff like youtube-dl. (Incidentally, I watched the 4 hour video through and didn't use a downloader, so you got your precious view off me.) I'd also suggest that taking a snippy tone with people and bumping multiple threads for a single video isn't the best way to endear yourself while trying to promote your product. But you do you.
  3. Mods please delete if inappropriate, but I use youtube-dl for this kind of thing. It lets you download YT videos, but you can also use it just to download them as mp3s. (I then just copy the mp3 over to my phone via USB.) youtube-dl isn't the most user-friendly thing in the world, I found it easiest to use via command prompt and any forum posts I can find for whatever I need to do.
  4. Did you see the edit to Laserschwert's post about it back on the 2nd Oct? Kevin Schmitt reckons Adam Schnitzer too. (I still think the best bet would be to tweet at Stephen Shaw about it!)
  5. Where is this database, is it accessible on this site?
  6. I wasn't that impressed by it, then I saw the photo of the person hugging it and I was like "okay, that's a great plushie".
  7. Was just browsing the website of Steven Chorney (an artist who has a lot of overlap with Drew Struzan and did some art for a The Dig advert) and noticed some concept art for an Indy game that "never came to fruition" (not the one mentioned in OP presumably, but I thought it'd be neater to post in an existing thread!). There's five of them at the top of the page, some generic stuff but also a fair few details of props, locations, characters etc: http://www.stevenchorney.com/#ConceptArt
  8. No idea, and couldn't find anything from a search. Might be worth tweeting at Stephen Shaw, one of the co-designers. Here's an old tweet of his where he talks about the embossed bullet holes on the box! (apologies for the tweet that he's replying to getting auto-embedded. Twitter *sigh*)
  9. Seems from replies to some of these from him and other artists on the project that this was a version that Spielberg was playing around with as late as Feb 2020, while he was still on to direct.
  10. Heh heh Yeah, definitely not suggesting you recreate that arrangement (although that would be an interesting bonus track!) but I do like some stuff about it, like some of the instrument choices, the way the brass section often hold notes for a while (I do not know music terminology!) etc.
  11. Promising start, though! You've obviously heard this live performance already, as you posted it, but I'm wondering if it will provide some inspiration. It makes some strong choices, some missteps:
  12. Many tracks left to add? Also, any plans to do the same for DOTT?
  13. I think we've talked elsewhere about how the Lucasarts adventure scores would often riff on existing tunes. I can't find that right now, but as this is HtR-specific, and may even inspire Laserschwert if they's not aware already, I figure this is as good a place as any to post about how I heard this fishing-themed song on a tv show: and realised that it sounds very much like the World Of Fish theme from HtR! (51m43s in, and can also be heard in Laserschwert's Soundcloud embed in the OP, of course) Amazing how many of these cheeky references they snuck in to soundtracks I've heard a million times without ever being aware!
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