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  1. Hi all, sorry for the spamminess, but this will be the second and last time I post about this, because orders close in a week! Please get your order in by the 30th and/or promote it anywhere you think people will be interested. Thanks!
  2. Ah right. So yeah, I think it's really nice to have the credited versions available again in situations like that where it got taken off for the final box!
  3. Ah, okay, I had a quick google and it looked like, say, Dark Forces didn't have the credit on the box...
  4. Have you created some of those credits yourself? That's nice!
  5. Ah, okay. Yikes. I'm still a little surprised that he phrased it like that on a public site. I guess he really must have been upset by it. Weird that he promoted the posters in that news post 11 days earlier though, even if he did comment about the names there too - it makes me wonder if this is supposed to be tongue-in-cheek even though it really doesn't read like that. Maybe after that tweet he went and looked again and saw that you also had the versions with no titles at all, and that made him happier about the whole thing, if still conflicted about the title-but-no-name versions.
  6. I have to say, I'd be really surprised if Tim called you a jerk on the forums. Even if he thought it privately, it's not the tone he took on the forums at all. I suspect you may have heightened that in your memory as well...
  7. Thanks for the sentiments and orders, everyone! Re. porting the AGS games to Switch, I'm fairly sure that Dan's stance on it would be "unless the entirety of what I have to do is click a button, then I can't justify spending time and money on it because it won't bring anything in"!
  8. Two bits of news: firstly, the Tim/Manny fan art that I posted up there was included in the Double Fine 20 Years book, which I was very happy about! Secondly, this is only tenuously Mojo-adjacent, but I do think it's something Mojo Forum readers will be interested in: Lair Of The Clockwork God is getting a Limited Run physical release for Switch and PS4! LOTCG is a game I co-designed, an adventure-platformer and the third game in the Dan & Ben adventure game series. The games regularly pay homage (or steal from) the old Lucasarts adventures, and the Collector's Edition reflects that: A grail-diary-style journal full of lore and jokes and lovely art; posters, postcards and a pin with a bunch of exclusive art; physical copy of the amazing soundtrack; physical edition of the game in a trendy modern (reversible) cover and with a stupidly overwritten manual; all bundled up in a nice retro Big Box! We put a ridiculous amount of work into this, I'm really hoping it does well. Check it out here (and please share)! https://limitedrungames.com/collections/lair-of-the-clockwork-god
  9. Niiiiice. Wish that game had been successful enough for them to make Imperial Commando.
  10. Here's a link from March: https://www.bossfightstudio.com/2021/03/19/new-sammax/ (btw, it's actually Rubber Pants Commandos - you're getting your Lucasarts-adjacent properties mixed up!)
  11. I was previously blind, but now I am able to see that this is popping!
  12. I took a grab of the existing version for comparison: New scan: Let me know if I've messed up and this is unrepresentative somehow, Laser. But wow, even with any shortcomings of the scan/photo/repro techniques used, still a huge amount of extra detail!
  13. Fantastic! What do you mean by "the official poster", out of interest?
  14. Nice! (It just redirects to this thread, but I think that's probably the best way to do things, and it's nice to have the url back regardless.)
  15. Fair enough. Well, your Hit The Road arrangements are fantastic, so I hope the work continues!
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